A Teacher's Creed

Kaitlin Hubbell, Janet Konstant, Gargi Sethi, & Dawn Wiegel

Attitude is Everything

I am a role model of respect, equality, and decorum. My positive and caring attitude can shape my day to be fun and productive.

Belief Creates the Actual Fact

Given the opportunity all students have the potential to learn. Instruction should be rigorous, consistent, and differentiated to meet the needs of all students.

Teaching Values

To actively pursue excellence for myself and my students in an environment of respect, honesty, compassion, diversity, and enjoyment.

Meeting the Social, Emotional, and Learning Needs of all Students

To meet the needs of all students the classroom environment should be safe and positive. Students need to be encouraged to participate in a judgment free setting of understanding. Creating partnerships with other teachers and family members can provide much needed support. Student achievement should be acknowledged through immediate and positive reinforcement.

December 14, 2015

University of Phoenix

Dawn King