Brace Day!!!!

Baylea Davis

Today I am getting braces.I am really scared I am getting four on the top.We are on our way to the orthodontist.I am shaking in my chair.I get to miss school today.I keep thinking about how weird i'm going to look in them.

I am laying down and I have all these tools in my mouth.The lady asked me what colors I wanted,I want a pattern of blue and pink.They didn't hurt until I tried to eat something.I kept looking at my self I didn't look that bad in them.My friends said I looked good in them but I think they were just being nice.

I had to have them on for eighteen months.I had to get them because I had an over bite.After I got them off I had a retainer.I have to get a full mouth with bands this summer.My teeth are way straighter then they were.I'm glad I got braces it made my teeth straighter.

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