Not a Drop to Drink

Mindy McGinnis


Lynn and her mother own land, where they have a "special" pond. In most peoples eyes, all they see is a hole with water, but Lynn and mother see protection. This pond is to not be touched by others, because of the possibilities of drought. Lynn one night hears guns shots, which mean men are coming for something she has...water. Her mother has shown her how to protect the pond. They go to violence when defending the pond. Lynn was taught many defending skills when she was younger, so her and her mother are not shy about using them. Overall water means the world to them, and they will do and grow through anything to protect it.

Coming of Age...

This novel, Not a Drop to Drink fits in the "Coming of Age" genre because Lynn a strong young lady is strong, and nothing gets in the way of her water. Lynn's, "mother had killed the people who came to close to their pond before (McGinnis 1)," which makes me understand that Lynn grew up the way she did because of her mother. Lynn came of age, and finally conquered her mothers ways of living. She wouldn't have grown up the way she did if she wouldn't have understood her mothers ways. Laying out "all of the plastic containers they had...(McGinnis 11)," was another way she learned from her mother. They laid the containers out when it stormed, so they were never short of the precious water. This is coming of age because of how her mother has taught her everything, and she grew up and could finally understand. Overall this book is coming of age, because of the things that Lynn has to grow up to understand is crazy. She has to understand that no one is welcome, and if they come you kill them.
Michael Grant, New York Times bestselling author of the Gone series announces, "A brutally beautiful debut, not to be missed."

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"A few hundred miles with no water will kill us deader than the snows (McGinnis 10)." To me this quote is important, because it shows us the time era. This with them thinking snow is awful and deadly could be early years when they weren't able to have winter close like we have today. It also gives us how important water is to them.

Not a Drop to Drink has a character named Lynn in the book, who might be just like you. Try reading the book some time, and see how you and Lynn's personalities are alike.

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