The Monkeys Paw

By William Wymark Jacobs

A brief summmry

Mr. White went to see a fakir he told him that he would like to go to India with him. He wanted to see those old temples. In India Mr. White found a paw of a monkey the paw appeared to be mummified. Mr. White grabbed the monkeys paw out of his sons hands wondering what should be done with it. The paw had a spell put on it. They took it to the holy man to get the spell removed. They decided to go ahead and burn the monkey paw. Then he saw the monkeys face in the fire then bad things started to happen. Mr. White’s son died so they made wishes. And things came back to normal.

I think the monkeys paw belong to a bad monkey. It caused Mr. Whites son to die. It’s a cursed paw said Mr. White

Meet the cast

Mr. White

Mrs. White

The son

A cures that breaks the family

a book By William Wymark Jacobs

Characters quote (Iference)

I would love to go to India with you. - MR. White

I wish my son was alive.-Mr. white

Better let it burn. - the solider


Discovering the paw in india.


The paw brings them nothing but bad things when they burn it!