ISS From Earth

The worlds best star party

A great day in a great place

Our star party is located in Nepal at the Everest Base Camp. The time and date is May 25 at 4:43 am so get your night's rest if you want to come. We will have many fun events including looking up in the sky trying to locate the ISS, the International Space Station.

Wednesday, May 25th, 4:45am

Everest Base Camp, Nepal

Some other fun activities at our star party will be a friendly football game, a hot dog eating contest, and a barbeque. Dress warmly because it is going to be quite cold.

Schedule on the big day

2:30 am Set up equipment.

3:00 am The barbeque starts.

3:30 am Start eating.

4:00 am Hot dog eating contest.

4:43 am Start looking out for the ISS Space Station.

5:00 am Football game.