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Jackie Robinson by Grace Hoffhines


In many different ways Jackie Robinson was a good athlete. First, Jackie was the first student at the University of California to win varsity letters in four sports. The four sports were baseball, basketball, football, and track. Next, when Robinson left the University of California he played semi-professional football for a short time with the Honolulu Bears. His season ended early when the United States entered World War II. Finally, he received many awards because he was a good athlete. At the end of his season he was named rookie of the year and was later named NL MVP. Jackie Robinson was a good athlete in many different ways.

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Jackie Robinson was a courageous person. First, when he was at boot camp for the Military he refused when he was told to sit at the back of a segregated bus when ordered by the driver. He was courageous because he stood up for what he thought was right and would not let anyone tell him what to do. Next, sometimes during the games the crowd would jeer at him and would receive threats about him and his family in the mail. He was courageous because even though everyone was telling him that he had to stop and that they were going to hurt him if he didn’t he kept on doing what he loved. Finally, during one of the games in Robinson's career, Chapman and his team shouted rude remarks from their dugout. Many of the other teams going against the Dodgers threatened not to play against the Dodgers. Jackie Robinson was courageous.
Jackie Robinson Steals Home


Jackie Robinson was a hero in many ways. First, Jackie succeeded in getting prejudice off the field. He was a hero because he now players can play without getting threats and being put down from the people n the stands. Next, he amazed everyone with his outstanding scores. He was a hero because he did very well in the sport and received high honor awards for his great achievements. Finally, he opened the doors of opportunity for many baseball players. He was a hero because without Jackie it was likely that many players would not have been able to play on the pro teams. Jackie Robinson was a hero in many ways.

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