Desert bilby

By giao

Do you know what desert Bilbies are? Well today I am going to show you information about these amazing desert Bilbies, SO LETS GET STARTED !

Where do they live?

  • Desert Bilbies live at Queensland and Sand countries
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How much do they weigh

  • Male desert Bilbies weigh 2.5kg and weigh more than females which wiegh 1.3.

Life Span

The desert Bilbies only live up too 6 years!


  • These animals are shy,quiet and are very territorial. Also keep to themselves.


  • Desert Bilbies are omnivore. At night they search for seeds, grubs, bulbs, fruits and insects.


  • The challenges the desert Bilbies have are that there are not enough food and they have predators lurking around.


  • Bilbies have back legs that look like a kangaroo's too, but Bilbies don't hop. They gallop like a horse for speed. The sound a desert Bilbies make are a grunt and squeak.

Some information

  • Bilbies are a nocturnal marsupial and they have long blue grey. Their ears are similar to rabbits and they have a bushy black tail with a white tip. There are only 600 or 700 desert Bilbies left in the world


  • The desert bilby use their powerful claws for digging. They have very poor eye sight but an outstanding sence of hearing and smelling. They can survive in the desert by not drinking water for days.


  • There are only 600 or 700 desert bilbys in the world because these animal are vulnerable.


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