The Sir Henry Parkes Memorial PS Weekly Staff Memo

Term 2 Week 3

NAPLAN will be taking place this week. Please ensure your students are moving through the school quietly while NAPLAN testing is happening. If there are any disruptive students either in testing or outside testing classrooms I will remove them.

On Friday Lorelle, Hugh McCowen and myself interviewed a candidate for the chaplain position here at our school. Unfortunately she was not suitable. We will be readvertising the position.

A reminder to staff you can look up student suspension resolution forms in student profiles in Sentral. Please take some time to look - as plans have been set in place re lunchtimes for many of them. You can also locate who has been suspended this term in Sentral.

Attendance reminders - please call home for any attendance concerns. It is the class teacher's responsibility initially. Formal processes for attendance will be out to you all asap.

This week's Schoolbiz and Job feed will both have a classroom teacher position advertised for our school for the remainder of the year. The position will be releasing each of the APs for one day per week, their release time, and a Friday project TBA.

This will give the APs valuable time to spend working with their stage teachers and completing their many roles and responsibilities.

A reminder again about photocopies - please stop sending students down to do copies during class time. I understand emergencies arise and that is fine, but as a whole you should all be organised at the beginning of the school day.

We also do huge amounts of colour photocopying. We do not need to copy everything in colour - it is an expensive task. Please try to cut back on this - I really don't want to put limits or be checking up on people - but I will if I need to.

Mackayla H will be starting school on Monday in the Sunshine Room. She will be on a partial from 9-11 initially. Mackayla has come from Currumbin SS and will need adjustment time and lots of patience and empathy from all of here - staff and students. She is a lovely young girl - please take the time to meet her at some point in the future.

I will need to rejig SLSO timetable as a result of this - your flexibility with these changes is appreciated.

I will need to call a meeting with the WHS committee this week or next ...time TBA

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MONDAY - School Leadership Meeting - 3:15pm - Principal's office

TUESDAY - Professional Learning - Library - 3:15pm

WEDNESDAY - Learning Support Team meeting - 3:15pm Back Room

FRIDAY - Communication Meeting 8:30-8:55am

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What's Happening This Week?

Monday 9-5-16

  • Tracy away - Robyn on KC

  • Cam at soccer knockout at Glen Innes - Andrew Bennett on 2/3P until 12pm

Tuesday 10-5-16


  • Intervention support meetings with Sarah 11:30am onwards - Casual TBA

  • P and C meeting 5:30pm

Wednesday 11-5-16


Thursday 12-5-16


  • Case meeting re Luke de Git 10:30am - Anna, Fran, Sue Brown, Kristy Curry, Sue Fischer

Friday 13-5-16

  • Hayley away - Eike Marshman on 5/6C

  • Tracy and Cam at AP network day. Robyn P on KC, 2/3P TBA

  • AP network day - Armidale - Cam - Rebecca on 2/3P, Tracy - Robyn on KC


  • Staffroom duty -
  • Milk this week -
  • Dennis is on long service leave until May 15th. Chris Coker is filling in for Dennis while he is away
  • Mel Bridge is on LSL from Thursday 5 May until 19 May. Ashley Green is taking 4/5B while Mel is on LSL.
  • Lorelle LSL from Monday 9th May until May 27th. No replacement.
  • Vicky Zappa in 9-11an each day this week - Sunshine Room