The Never-ending Debate Physician

Do you agree to mercy killing? Or physician-assisted suicide? Yes, we are talking one of the most debatable topics in modern society. It takes many names, mercy killing, euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide. A patient can sometimes arrive at a situation which is not curable by the sophisticated modern medical science.

What is the solution to this condition? Let person live life miserable than death? Or create ease for him if he begs for it.

The people on the topic make hundreds of arguments. Ask an essay writing service how many argumentative essays he has written on the topic pulling numerous arguments? He will not be able even to count it. So the debate is all about should it be legalized or not? Is it ethical or not? And many others.

The arguments revolve around three main points, need for mercy killing, the choice to live or die and the role of legislation. Those who do not favor euthanasia make several arguments. Some of them are that modern technology and advancement in health can offer alternative treatments. Physicians and other persons do not have right to kills anybody. Another common argument is that if euthanasia gets legalized, then the doctor will consider the patient's right to die as his right to kill.

Looking at the other side of the coin, arguments in favor of euthanasia say that it is the need of patient when he arrives at the condition in which living more is dreadful than death. The major argument is that everyone has the right to live and die, it's his own choice so one should let die exercising his common right.

They say euthanasia can be regulated and monitored to ensure that it is carried out right away without hurting anybody.

Looking at both side of arguments make it difficult to say what is right or wrong. What is better and what is worse. But I believe it depends on the patient condition and his choice.

Do share your thoughts about mercy killing? To which group do you belong?