Golden Glinda's

Booking Blitz!

What is a booking blitz?

A booking blitz is when we sit down a concentrate on booking shows!

Step 1~ The first thing is to make your Who Do You Know list! Think of everyone you can imagine! Go though your Facebook friends, email contacts, phone contacts, address book, etc... These people do not have to be your best friends! Some of my favorite shows are ones where I don't know anyone who is coming! So brainstorm that list and post it on our Golden Glinda's facebook page by Sunday at 5 and you will be entered for a Sephora gift card!

Step 2~ Start warming you contacts up with email, text, or facebook private message! You can start this as soon as you have your list made! How many of you read Jessica Herrin's 5 simple steps to 5 shows in one week? It was an amazing email! She gave us her words to say and let me tell you I have been copying and pasting them! She also gave us the email she sends to her hostess which is great too! I believe you can find this in the lounge! Once you have read it post any ahh ha moment you had on the Golden Glinda's page and you will be entered for another surprise! If you can't find it let us know and we can forward it on to you!

Step 3~ Book the shows! Catherine and I are raffling off a $50 gift card to your restaurant of choice! For every 2 shows you book for March and April your name will go in! We will do the drawing next Sunday the 24th! So you have one week to book as many shows as you can! The more shows the higher your odds of winning that gift card and who knows if we have lots of participation there may be 2 gift cards!

Step4~ Be active on the the Golden Glinda's facebook page for extra surprise's! Post what your are doing to get shows, post success stories, post your spring break plans, post post post! The more engaged you are the more on fire you will be! We all love the motivation from our team mates!

We are so proud of all you ladies and know when you put your mind to it you can do anything!

Kristy & Cathy