All About Deciduous Forests Biome

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All different things about Deciduous forests

A deciduous forest is a type of forest with trees that seasonally shed their leaves, called deciduous trees. Some examples of deciduous trees are birch, oak, and beech trees. Although deciduous trees are the dominant plant species, deciduous forests contain many other types of plant species. The normal tempature in deciduous forests is 50° F. The average rain fall is 30 to 60 inches a year. Humidity is high normally 60% to 80%. Deciduous forests has all four seasons. (Winter, spring, summer, and fall) In deciduous forests the trees shed thier leaves till spring.


A lot of animals live in a deciduous forest. Most of them are foxes, bears, squirrells, birds, and etc. While many other animlas live there, they have to have shelter...

Shelter animals use/need

Some animals live in holes in trees. While others live in brush piles, nests, etc. Some animals find old buildings or houses to live in. Some animals sleep in laurel bushes.
Temperate Deciduous Forest


All kinds of plants are in deciduous forests. Some are trees, all different kinds of trees are in deciduousforests. Example... Birch trees, Maple trees, Pine trees, Oak trees Red Oak trees, White Oak trees, Black Oak trees, Cucumber trees, etc. Also Rhodadenderian is notonly a food source for animals. It is also a beautiful pant that flowers in the Spring/Summer.
Them Shady Woods (deciduous forest song)

How animals survive in winter

Some animals (bears)hibernate during this time. While they are hibernating deers, squirrels, chimpmuncks, coyotes, foxes,etc. are trying to find food. Squirrels and chimpmunks usually store nuts and acorns over summer/fall to eat during winter. Deer usually eat rhodadendrian leaves, coyotes try to find and kill other animals.(deer, squirrel, rabbitts)


Temperate Deciduous Forest Biome


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Food web in the deciduous forest

The picture above is a food web. The animals is from a deciduous forest. This is a deciduous forest food web...