Colleyville Heritage Band

Week of 6/4 - 6/10

Happy June!

We had a GREAT June Camp! It was time well spent - we are better for rehearsing these past three days! Practice everything we’ve worked on. Before you know - Spark! will come to life!

FYI - We will still send out brief newsletters throughout the summer - stay informed!

Week’s Schedule (June 7-11)

  • HES open for Student Led Sectionals, All Region Jazz Masterclasses, Private Lessons, Etc. - Noon to 5:30PM
  • Sounds of Summer Rehearsal #1 at HES - 6:00 to 8:00PM

: Letter Jacket Qualification Form Due (see below)

Week’s Schedule (June 14-18)

  • Monday:

    • HES open for Student Led Sectionals, All Region Jazz Masterclasses, Private Lessons, Etc. - Noon to 5:30PM
    • Sounds of Summer Rehearsal #2 at HES - 6:00 to 8:00PM

  • Monday - Wednesday: GCISD Summer Colorguard Clinic (see below)

    Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Beaudet!

    We are so excited to announce our newest member of the Panther Band, Miles Gabriel Beaudet! Miles was born on May 25th, 2021 and weighed 9Ib 4.6 oz.

    Please join us in congratulating Mr. and Mrs. Beaudet and their newest little one!

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    Instrument Check Out

    Haven’t received a marching or concert instrument, yet!? Email Mr. Haddock!

    Sounds of Summer

    On select Mondays in June and July we will be rehearsing our marching music at HES from 6:00 to 8:00PM. Our Band Social Officers are looking for fellowship opportunities after we finish each rehearsal!

    If you are in town, get off the couch, take a night off of work, and please join us for some music, marching, and fun! The more we do in the summer - the better the fall will feel :)


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    Marching Band Resources

    Use our YouTube Channel to review all the marching techniques you’ve learned this week! Your reference video of the Varsity audition is posted!

    GCISD / UIL Forms

    Similar to last year, we will collect our Band, CHHS, GCISD, and UIL forms electronically.


    Upload Forms Here:


    1. Download all forms from the band website onto your computer.
    2. Once downloaded, the forms become fillable PDF files. Fill them out electronically with a parent.
    3. SAVE each file as a PDF ("print-save as PDF") -
    4. Upload the signed forms below.
    ******Make sure you upload the correct form for each question******

    The name and photo associated with your Google account will be recorded when you upload files and submit this form


    Remember, ALL students will need an up to date physical on file by the time band camp starts in late July - get it done!


    MAJOR dates for the ENTIRE 2021-2022 school year have been entered into the band calendar. We hope this helps with planning. Please understand these dates could be “subject to change.”

    We are aware that our calendar is not easily viewed on cell phones...please use a desktop or laptop computer. Apparently this is a Google / Weebly issue, for multiple organizations. Stand by!

    Spring Trip 2022!

    It’s happening - the CHHS Band is heading to the BEACH!

    We can’t wait to travel to Corpus Christi in April of 2022 to perform, site see, and enjoy time on the beach. Look for more information and registration to open soon!

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    Letter Jackets 2021-2022

    Believe it or not, but it is time to be fitted and order your letter jackets for next year. GET THIS DONE NOW if you want to have it in time for cool fall weather. Remember, the only two jackets allowed in the stands are letter jackets or the member jackets (purchased through registration). We will not be able to chase you down later if you didn’t read this part of the newsletter :)


    A letter jacket will be presented to senior and junior students who have served the high school band program well. Students must have participated in the band program from the time of their enrollment in high school before their junior and senior year and must participate through graduation of their senior year. Students will attend all performances, U.I.L. activities, and other required events. Exceptions will be granted at the discretion of the band directors (illness, emergencies, etc.).

    A student who is not a junior or senior may qualify for a letter jacket provided they:

    1.Earned a position and performed in an All Region Band**

    2. Earn a First Division on a Class One Solo

    **9th Graders who place in the 9th -Grade Region Band must also audition for High School Region in order to have their placement count towards letter jacket qualification.

    Diamonds Qualifications:

    A student who is not a junior or senior in Diamonds may qualify for a letter jacket provided they:

    1. Earn a 90 on a solo at the NTCA Solo & Ensemble competition

    2. 4 consecutive seasons in Varsity Diamonds Fall Guard & Varsity Winter Guard

    A junior or senior Diamond member may also qualify for a letter jacket provided they:

    1. Have had continuous enrollment in the Diamonds Fall Guard & Winter Guard program from the time they joined the program.

    After reviewing the preceding information, if you feel that you meet the requirements for qualification, please fill out this form HERE - it will be sent to the letter jacket company Mid June. From there, you will receive instructions on when and where you will be fitted.

    Congrats to our qualifying students!

    Quote of the Week

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    Happy Birthday!

    Please join us in saying Happy Birthday this month to:

    - Lauren Boyse (6/1)

    - Kathryn Deyoung (6/1)

    - Emme Abrahams (6/2)

    - Katherine Jordan (6/7)

    - Ashley Knappenberger (6/9)

    - Eduardo Burciaga-Ichikawa (6/14)

    - Morgan Barnett (6/30)

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