Future Life

Spouse Project


I have many hobbies but only a few I will do a lot. I am an athletic girl. Love going out to sports events with friends and family and just having a great time. There are many things that I like to do together. Going out on dates or like dinners some weekends, going to the park and lay out and watching the stars. I like that romantic time alone, but nothing serious. I don't have that many dislikes but there are things out there I don't want to be close to. Snakes! Heights! Some animals I can't stand. I can't just speak out for what my dislikes are, if we come across something then I would just let you know. Hobbies are mainly just shopping, drawing, I am a big shoe fanatic and times with clothes, playing sports with friends, going to the Rec. Center or the YMCA to go hang out or be active with friends there as well.

What Am I Looking For...

There are many things to look for in guys, but the main and true thing is the trusting. I need a guy who can trust me, believes what I am saying and don't go to his friends before he comes to me. A major cute thing with guys is when they are great with little children. I find that adorable. I like a guy who is outgoing, who can go out do things together and he won't say anything about it even if he don't mind it all that much. Someone who likes to go out on walks together in the evenings after dinner, just to feel the cool summer weather. As well as a guy who is opened up to the girl, wont won't hide things from me, who will tell me that day of if something happen. I don't like when men hide things behind my back and then tell me days later when something happened. Just overall everything a guy that has respect, treats a girl right, trusts, believing, faith, great attitude, doesn't party 52 weeks out of the year (every weekend). And with a great sense of humor.