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1. Vocab and Facts

Cohesion- The property that holds molecules of a substance together.

Adhesion- The property that holds molecules of different substances together.

Surface Tension- The tendency of a liquid's surface to resist rupture when placed under tension or stress.

  • Both cohesion and adhesion come from the root word "hesion" which means to stick
  • Cohesive attraction holds molecules of a substance together
  • Cohesion is caused by an inter-molecular attraction
  • Cohesive forces cause surface tension

2. Pictures of Cohesion

3. Relation of Cohesion and Adhesion

Cohesion has to do with molecules of the same type being attracted to each other, but adhesion is when two molecules that are not the same are attracted to each other. When molecules are attracted to each other its like they are sticking to each other. Adhesion for example is how a liquid can be in a beaker, whereas cohesion is how molecules in the liquid hold together.