Jackson's Tour of Thailand

4th Period, 3/17/14

This is Thailand's flag.

Below are some maps of Thailand, it is located in south-east Asia.

Facts and Information about Thailand

Thailand's capitol and also largest city, is Bangkok. Bangkok is sitting right on top of the Gulf of Thailand, resulting in beautiful beaches and stunning views. The official language of Thailand is Thai, it uses the same alphabet we do. The government type of thailand is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy with a king and a prime minister. The king's name is Bhumibol Adulyade, and the prime minister's name is Yingluck Shinawatra. The king has power over the prime minister. As for area, Thailand is only about 198,115 square miles. The population of Thailand is roughly 66.79 million and has a GDP per capita of $10,849. The HDI is 0.690 (medium). The literacy rates are, male: 94.9%, female: 90.5% and a total of, 92.6%. The life expectancy rates conclude that female's live longer with an average of 76.58% and males on an average of 71.66%. The total life expectancy rate for both male and females is 74.50%. (55 of people in Thailand practice the religion Buddhism. Some foods of Thailand include Curry, and fruits and vegetables.

Historical and Fun Places in Thailand

Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi is one fun place to be while in Thailand. It is a small island in southern Thailand that has amazing views and huge gorgeus beaches. The island also has great snorkeling, and other fun beach activites.

Grand Palace

The grand palace is my second fun place to be in Thailand. The construction of the great palace started in 1782 when Thornburi moved to Bangkok to be Thailands capital. It is a fun place to go and see what things were like back in the day. This could also qualify for historical places too.

Wat Na Phramen

Wat Na Phramen was the only temple to survive the Burmese war. Inside is a big golden statue of Buddha believed to be built during the rein of King Prasat Throng. Today, you can tour the teple and see Buddha and the site of the second Burmese War.

Khun Phaen Residence

The Khun Phaen Residence is my second historical place in Thailand. Semas, (a temple 400 years old) ruin's were toppeled over on a Buddha statue inside. So the Thailand people thought that this could get a lot of attention so they kept it like that. Today you can go and tour the temple.

This is a Traditional Thai dress