Lets Find Pokemon Secrets

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Lets find Pokemon 1 question 8

Are all 150 original Pokemon in the first town puzzle?! Yep! I saved you the counting!

Lets find Pokemon 2 Pikachu forest Question 2

By far, one of the toughest puzzles in history. There are 164 Pikachu in the picture including the huge one.

Lets find Pokemon 3 Angry Jigglypuff question M super question

This Jigglypuff is in Lost In The Mirror Zone on Lickytung's Tongue to the farthest left. Feel stupid huh? Sorry... I used a Magnifying Glass.

Lets find Pokemon secret UFO story books 1-3

Book 1 first town: Hitmonlee and Machamp draw a fighting circle.

Book 2 last town before Pikachu Forest: UFO lands in fighter circle and Toy Fan Wartortle strolls around to find it. Uh-Oh UFO. (CLEVER.)

Book 3 Blastoise Island in sky: Wartortle flys around and tests out his new UFO toy!!!