TELEVISION: A Great New Invention

Television is already popular among the very first buyers!

What IS a Television???

  • A way to share moving pictures and sounds over the air!!!
  • Black and White

GENIUS Philo Farnsworth, San Francisco, demonstrated the first electronic Television, only a few days ago, 1927.

Why do you need a Television???

Radios are good for listening, but wouldn't you rather SEE the idea too?! And telegraphs are good if you have, say, five YEARS to send a message! You can see news on the television in just minutes!

With a TV, you can...

  • watch pictures about different places and learn about them
  • share the ideas within your culture
  • watch the news to find out about what's going on
  • watch advertisements to see what to buy or do
  • watch political speeches to see what our leaders have to say