Visit E-town Soon!

Parents of kids entering K-5th grade...

Welcome to E-town

We are very excited about meeting your child this Sunday in E-town. E-town is especially for K-5th Graders. We look forward to partnering with you as your child continues to grow in his/her relationship with While in E-town, children will learn that God is doing something in them to change the world around them.

Teaching 3 Basic Truths

We want every E-town child to know about Faith, Wisdom and Friendship and grow up saying 3 Basic Truths taught in Luke 2:52.

1. I need to make the wise choice. (Wisdom)

2. I can trust God no matter what. (Faith)

3. I should treat others the way I want to be treated. (Friendship)

Your child will be taught 150 Bible stories, 36 virtues and they will ALL point back to the 3 Basic Truths.

Combining Influences (Family+Church=Kingdom Impact)

When E-town and parents work together, we can more effectively instill faith and character in the hearts of children. You can do your part by using the resources found in the "staying connected" section below.

E-town will do its part each week by providing your child with large and small group activities. Our best communicators will use their gifts to teach your child God's truths in exciting ways including live skits and excellent media. A small group leader will help your child realize how each weekly Bible story connects to his/her life. Your child will be challenged to apply the bottom line and make a difference... beginning in kindergarten!

Staying Connected

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