The myths of the workplace

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Myth number 1

"Women are not strong enough to work in trade, or construction"

this myth is completely false, there are many women that are as strong, or even stronger than their male counterparts. Women may not have the same body structure as men, but they can make the necessary adaptations to work better, and faster than their male co-workers. A number of veteran women construction workers say that construction work is more of a mental job than physical one.

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Myth number 2

"Females do not have a strong aptitude for math and science"

This may be one of the most inaccurate myths on here, in all the math and science classes that I have been in ever, the girls have always been the smartest or near the top of the class in grades. Girls have been ruling education but don't get their acknowledgement.

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Myth number 3

"Women will leave employment to get married and have children"

There have been many success stories of kids raised by single mothers, one huge example is Kevin Durant the 2013-2014 NBA most valuable player. Wanda Pratt raised Kevin and his brother when she was only 21 years old.

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