Mobile technology in K-12 education

Comics Head

Comics Head is an app that allows students to create comics with pictures and text. The app contains pre-drawn backgrounds and characters, as well as text bubbles. The comics can be exported as PDFs or published as eBooks.
Classroom use: A Social Studies 20-1 teacher could have their students create political cartoons on the subject of nationalism. Then, the teacher could put all of the cartoons together to make a short book for classroom use.
Comics Head v2.0.1 For iPad


Animoto is an app that allows you to create a custom video using photos, videos, text, and music. The videos can then be uploaded to the Internet for sharing purposes or downloaded to your computer or mobile device for offline viewing.
Classroom use: An art teacher could use Animoto to put together a video containing different examples of Impressionist art in order to introduce the class to a unit on pointillism.
Animoto - Make & Share Beautiful Videos Online


Voicethread is an app that allows you to create a manually advanced slideshow that includes photos, videos, text, and audio commentary. Additionally, it allows multimedia comments to be added to the slideshow by viewers and the creator.
Classroom use: A social studies teacher could assign a 10-1 class to design a presentation about globalization and food, and then assign each student to peer edit 3 other slideshows by leaving 5 comments on each one. The students could choose which format of comment to create based on their personal preference.
What is a VoiceThread

Journal Jar

Journal Jar is an app for mobile devices that allows you to shake the device and receive a journal writing prompt.
Classroom use: A junior high Language Arts teacher could choose one student at the beginning of each class to shake the device with the app on it and then read the prompt aloud to the class. The class would then have 5-10 minutes to construct a journal entry based on the prompt.
Free Journal Topics Jar App - How To Get Ideas for Journal Writing

Remind (formerly Remind 101)

Remind is an app that allows teachers to securely communicate through text message with students and parents. Phone numbers of all the parties are never accessible.
Classroom use: A high school Biology teacher could set up a Remind group for her class in order to send reminder text messages about upcoming exams and assignments. She could also use its audio clip feature to send a voice message for those who would prefer to receive reminders via audio.
Safe. Simple. Free. That's Remind101.