Medieval Europe

Unit 5: *student friendly language/content objective

This can be a place for themes or vocabulary development

  • bold the word and have a concise definition here
  • make sure it's explained, but not too lofty
  • this is also a way to meet the accommodations of ELL & Sped students (pre-teach vocab and major concepts)
  • Russians Adapt Byzantine Culture
  • Feudalism Structures Society
  • Chivalry and the adapting roles of women and workers
  • Emporers and ruling power structures
  • Church Reform and Crusades
The Middle Ages in 3 1/2 minutes
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you can also link to a self-grading quiz -google form!

Remember students, you must achieve a grade of 85+ to opt out of the group project.

This can also be a place to see/ refer to "common misunderstandings" related to your IFD/curricular components

  • Emperors were considered absolute powerful leaders and had control over everyone underneath them.
  • Buddhism is a religion, not a language.
  • Islam is a part of the African continent at this time, whereas Buddhism began in Nepal.
  • The "black death" is no longer a disease faced by modern cultures.

due dates

  • You can have a list of "due dates" readily accessible so students will have had one more opportunity to connect.

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