The Road to Perservance: May 2015

By: Rahul Koul

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is to continuously try to achieve your goal even with obstacles and adversities in your path. Perseverance is to also have patience and to never falter no matter the circumstances.

The life of Winston Churchill ( Description)

Winston Churchill was a wise and unique historical figure. He was born in 1874 in Marlborough, England. His childhood was quite sadistic. For instance, his parents were very busy people and were always traveling due to their wealthiness. Due to this, he spent most of his childhood with his nanny Elizabeth Everest. She nurtured Churchill and cared for him. She was like a mother to him. He then went to boarding school. At that time he was not an excellent student. Four years later, he became an excellent student and got accepted into the prestigious Harrow School. He was studying Military tactics and once he graduated he went to Royal Military College. A year later Churchill graduated near the top of his class and was given commission as a cavalry officer. Throughout his life he has shown, determination, leadership, and diligence. For example, when he was a young adult in college, as a child he is a troublemaker and not a good student but in the next few years he became the leader of his class and a diligent worker who was determined. He also was selected as a cavalry officer due to his traits during his graduation of college. However, he is best known for becoming the Prime Minister and bringing hope to the English that they still can fight against the Nazi’s. During this time Nazi’s were overpowering Great Britain and killing many people. But, because of Winston they were able to fight back! Winston once said, “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.” From this quote we know the power Winston Churchill gave Great Britain to fight back. As you can see, he was very strong in the mind and brought hope and courage to Great Britain.

An image of Winston Churchill

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Problem/Solution - One of a kind of person- Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was a one of a kind person. In the 1940s, racism was becoming a problem in the sport of baseball. Branch Rickey (Dodgers President) was against racism and was planning to use Jackie as the key to open the color barrier. Jackie agreed, and started off as a player for the Dodgers Farm Team. Jackie had to be able to deal with the harsh consequences such as racial slurs to be able to end segregation. Even though Jackie already had enough burden he was still an outstanding player. On April 15, 1947, Jackie made his way to the Major Leagues to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers. During Jackie’s First season, he encountered racism from fans and even players. But, Jackie’s playing was not affected. Due to Jackie’s superlative playing, in the year 1949 he was awarded the first ever Rookie of the year. Overtime, he was awarded the National League's most Valuable Player Award! Due to his accomplishment he was able to break the color barrier because of his outstanding baseball skills. Jackie Robinson is a one of a kind of person because of his accomplishment of finding a solution to the segregation in baseball.

Young jackie robinson

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Berlin Boxing Club- The 300- Sequence

In the book, Berlin Boxing Club, Karl Stern wanted to become a boxer who would triumph.
To build his strength and endurance he performed something that his Coach Max told him to do, the 300. First, Karl would have start of the day with 100 push-ups. At fist Karl was only able to do 20 but eventually he was able to do 100. Secondly, Karl would have to do 100 sit-ups. This was very easy for Karl since he is very tall, and has an excellent core. Thirdly, Karl would have to do 50 minutes of running from his house to the park. Lastly, Karl would have to do 50 pull-ups on a small bar in the park. This was Karl's morning routine. No matter the pain Karl kept going because he knew it was the only way to become strong.

Book Club Book- Berlin Boxing Club

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Losing to Win (Cause and Effect)

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Eleanor Roosevelt and Jackie Robinson (Compare and Contrast) venn diagram

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What we can learn from Perseverance

One thing that people can learn from perseverance is to always have ambition to triumph over your adversities. Another thing is to have strong conviction towards your goal. This can help you surpass the obstacles in your way. Overall, the main thing someone can learn from perseverance is to have courage to never give up.