May 20, 2016

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An enormous thank you to Alison Woodall for being the PTA Chairperson for Field Day!! THANK YOU ALISON!!

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Spring Contest Results!

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all of the families that participated. Because of your participation, we collected 14,585 Box Tops and Campbell’s Soup Labels this school year!

Our April winner for our random monthly drawing is Alban Rago in Ms. Travis’ Kindergarten class! Congratulations!

The winners are:

Grand Prize Winner – Aaron Wright in Ms. Lee’s Kindergarten class

5th Grade – Seth Alsobrook in Ms. Ng’s class

4th Grade – Will Hermel in Ms. Cramer’s class

3rd Grade – Malik Ruffin in Ms. Mitchom’s class

2nd Grade – Abraham Allred in Ms. Blakely’s class

1st Grade – Jensen Billotte in Ms. McCallum’s class

Kindergarten – Chloe Crowley in Ms. Carroll’s class

Winning Teacher – Ms. Lee

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Please have a fun and safe summer and remember to save your Box Tops for next year!

If you have any questions, please contact Sharon Kosmala, 404-661-8907 or email at

Media Matters

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Six Flags ticket were sent home on Friday, May 20th.

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All Media Center books are due on May 13th. If your child has an overdue book then they need to return it or pay for it. Paperback books are $5.00 and hardback books are $15. Students who do not return or check out their books will not be allowed to check out books the following year. You can view books your child has checked on by logging into the Parent Portal and clicking on the books/meals tab.
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Summer is almost here. Summer reading lists for kindergarten through fourth grade will be sent home by Friday, May 13th. As always the list will focus on reading from a list of suggested authors and genres and not specific titles. Students who complete the summer reading list will be invited to a summer reading program at the beginning of next school year. The list will also be on the school website and the Media Center page. If you have any questions after the lists are distributed, contact Sharon Amolo at before the school year ends.

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This week the Gwinnett County Public Library visited Gwin Oaks and all students signed up for the Summer Reading Program. Since students are already signed up they only need to pick up their Summer Reading Packet when they visit the public library. The packet contains a bookmark and a schedule of summer events.

To complete the Gwinnett County Summer Reading Program, students will set their own reading goal for the summer. Maybe it’s to read ten books or 100 pages or maybe even 100 hours! Whatever their goal is, when they finish and visit the library they’ll get a free book. Everyone gets a free book no matter what their goal was, but because they read and met their goal they also get a chance to win other prizes. They could win an iPad Mini with an Osmo Gaming System, a free trip to summer camp, free entrance to any i9 Sports League, a free year long pass to the High Museum, or a health & fitness gift basket. In addition to the wonderful prizes there will also be programs and activities for kids and teens. You can find a list of these through the Gwinnett County Public Library website or when you pick up the summer reading packet at the library.


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