Virginia Young Readers 2015-2016

"Primary" Level Resources


The Cart That Carried Martin by Eve Bunting

This book is good for your brain because it provides:

Information about the Civil Rights Movement, equality, tolerance, links to Black History Month

2. Illustrator interview :

3. Eve Bunting

4. Don Tate : &


HAS : 1. Ideas for Classroom Use and 2. Additional Resources and Activities:

6. Meet the Biographer: Eve Bunting

discusses the book

7. Meet The Author Eve Bunting

8. Follett DVD $38.99

9. Librarians' Choices


10. Publisher

11. Picture of green cart :

12. Ebenezer Baptist Church

13. The King Center / The King Library and Archives in Atlanta :

14. WSB-TV newsfilm clip of the funeral procession of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. from Ebenezer Baptist Church to Morehouse College, Atlanta, Georgia, 1968 April 9 :