Avoiding Hunger

How to find food on a deserted island

How to start

Next to finding water, finding food is one of the most important things you should do when stranded on a deserted island. It may seem hard at first to find your own food, but after you know the basics it will become easier. You should look around and consider your options. Do you see any fish in the water? Do you hear any animals on the island? Once you know your options, you can move on from there.

What are the options?

Fish are a good source of food and are readily available on an island. Most small animals are good for food. Try to avoid bigger animals because they are much more difficult to catch. Insects are another good source but can be difficult to find. Be sure to check under rocks, logs and leaves. They are a good source of protein but may be a little revolting.

What to avoid

-Avoid eating any unknown plants, berries, or mushrooms.

-Do not go after any animals that are bigger than you. It is dangerous and is unlikely you will catch it.

-Do not starve yourself because of a personal disgust at the thought of eating an animal, your body needs the nourishment.

How do I catch food?

An easy way to catch food is by spear fishing. You can make a spear out of a stick and sharpen it with a rock. You can go into the water and stay still until fish swim nearby. This process can take a little while but can be effective. Another way is by building a snare. By finding vines or other sting like material you can build a snare out of it and sticks that can catch animals that wander by. This may take a lot of patience because animals will likely be scared of you. It is recommended to build multiple snares.