Kuwait Hotel and Resort

Most beautiful city in the world

What is Kuwait?

Kuwait, an Arab country on the Persian Gulf, a former outpost of Alexander the Great’s army.The capital of Kuwait is Kuwait city but Al Amadi is the largest city. Kuwait has a population of 3.369 million people. Kuwait is a little more then 150 miles long. On August 2nd, 1990 Iraqi Leader Saddam Hussein Invaded and annexed Kuwait. this was known as the Gulf war. The Gulf war was traumatic to the Kuwaiti population. The underground resistance was punished by summary executions and torture. Almost all Kuwaitis at the time lost some family member. In addition, half the population, both native and foreign-born fled.

Some Awesome places to discover

Fun Facts

1. One of the hottest countries in the world especially between June to August.

2.Kuwait gained independence from Great Britain on June 19, 1961.