Everything you need to know


Government Type: Mixed

Capital: Ottawa

Legal System: Common Law

Suffrage: 18 Years

National Symbols: Maple Leaf, Beaver

National Colors: Red and White


3 Industries: Food Products, Wood Products, Fish Products

3 Exports: Aircraft, Chemicals, Plastic

3 Imports: Crude Oil, Electricity, Chemicals


Location: Northern North America

Geographic Coordinates: 60 N, 95 W

Total Area: 9,984,670 km

Border Countries: The United States

Climate: Varies in climate in south to subarctic and arctic in north

Terrain: Mostly plains with mountains in west, and lowlands in the southeast

Lowest Point: Atlantic Ocean, 0 M

Highest Point: Mount Logan 5,959 M

3 Natural Resources: Zinc, Diamonds, Copper

People and Society

Nationality: Canadian

Languages: English, French, Punjabi, Italian, Spanish, German

Religions: Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jewish

Population: 35,099,836

Population Growth Rate: .75%

Birth Rate: 10.28/1000

Death Rate: 8.42/1000

Net Migration Rate: 5.66/1000

Life Expectancy (Total Population): 81.76

Human-Environment Interactions

Land Usage: Farming, Collecting Resources, and Making Houses

Changed Land: The land has been changed a lot with construction and resource collection

People Live: Most people live in the southern most of the country because it is not as cold

Settlement: Resources, Beauty, Safety


Canada is very empty because of the cold most people live in the southern region of Canada. It is very vast with its geography it has mountains, lakes, oceans, and flatland's. Canada also has a very large population, with a higher birth rate. Lastly Canada is very similar to the United States with its laws and way of law.