Terry fox a caring person too.

displaying kindness and concern for others.


Caring is the displaying kindness, concern for others or love you have towards another individual. You can also use caring (as an adjective) to describe a person who acts in this warm and fuzzy way.

Terry fox a very caring person:

Terry Fox was a caring person because after witnessing the suffering of others in the Cancer Ward at the hospital, he decided to help in his own words “somewhere the hurting must stop…I was determined to take myself to the limit for this cause” and he set out to run the marathon of hope in the hope of finding a cure for cancer and stop the suffering of others and he ran 26 miles daily for 143 days to raise money for cancer patients.

This the link to story http://freestoriesforkids.com/children/stories-and-tales/mirror-malfunction

Animals Caring For Other Animals 2014 !

Aniamls are also caring:

The video above is about trait caring. As you can see not only human beings are caring but also animals are also caring. In this video, a dog is helping a lamb by putting feeder in its mouth. fish's are helping duck to drink water. Rather than eating bird, a cat is helping bird to eat small pieces of water by crushing food in its mouth. Monkey is helping baby tiger.