Evaluation Criteria


The setting of The Graveyard Book is the graveyard. Bod is only protected from evil when in the graveyard however, he desperately wants to socialize with other humans.

The Underneath is set long ago in the bayou near the Texas-Louisiana border. Underneath the porch is where a mama cat lives in order to protect her kittens.

Rapunzels Revenge is a wild west version of the fairy tale. Rapunzel uses her red braids to save her.


Bod, Nobody Owens, is the main character of The Graveyard Book. Bod has supernatural powers, called Freedom of the Graveyard. He is alive but can communicate with the dead, is invisible to humans while in the graveyard and can walk through walls.

Although Piggie and Gerald are animals, young readers will relate to their characters in A Big Guy Took My Ball!. The two encounter problems that all children do on occasion, such as being intimidated by someone who is larger.

Stephanie is a normal young girl who children can easily relate to in the novel Skullduggery Pleasant. Her deceased uncle's friend, Skullduggery, is a funny skeleton.


Gerald offers to help Piggie get her ball back from a big guy. The plot of A Big Guy Took My Ball!, involves Gerald overcoming the obstacle of getting Piggie’s ball back from the big whale.

Hugo is left to fend for himself as an orphan in the novel The Invention of Hugo Cabret. He meets and befriends Georges Melies and Isabelle. Isabelle and Hugo are determined to figure out Georges past.

The lunch lady notices something is not quite right about the substitute for Mr O'Connell in The Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute. The students notice her following the substitute after school. They are all surprised when they find out Mr Edison created the cyborg.

Baby Mouse desires to become Queen of the World. She is determined to be invited to Felicia Furrypaws sleepover. At the sleepover, she realizes it is not as fun as she had imagined.


Rapunzel's Revenge is an unexpected twist on a classic tale. The theme is related to being a hero - not by promoting oneself as a hero but in the actions of the person to always do what is right. Jack is an authentic hero in the novel.

The Underneath shares a tale about the power of love and hate. Several of the characters are faced with making poor decisions. They are able to redeem themselves from their past choices of hate.

Skullduggery Pleasant is a story of good versus evil. Skullduggery and Stephanie are attempting to stop the evil forces who want to gain control over the human race.


BabyMouse is a graphic novel. It's limited words appeals to struggling readers. The series is popular with tween girls.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret is comprised of a simple writing style. Although it is a long novel, the numerous illustrations adds to the engagement of the reader.

The Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute is written in a simplistic style. The illustrations are almost of a doodle quality.