What's Happening in Community Three

Think, Innovate, Create

October 29, 2016

C3 Happenings

C3 has had a lot going on the past two weeks. From a field trip to the Alabama Shakespeare Theatre to Sweet Creek Farm Market our learners have had lots of thinking, innovating and creating IN and OUT of the classroom. C3 also had some HEROES come and visit them while at school. The Pike Road Fire Department came and spoke to each class. The questions learners asked were very creative and helpful for all to hear. The fireman allowed each child to look at the fire truck as well as see the inside and sit in their chairs. It was a great experience!

As the semester continues to fly by please be on the lookout for handouts, extra announcements and other C3 needs.

A few things to mark in your calendar:

  • POP for our learners will be November 4th. Please be on the lookout for more information on how you can help or volunteer to make this a fun day for each learner.

C3 Learners have been working to earn their L.E.A.D. cards this week. This stands for:

Lead others

Encourage responsibility

Achieve greatness

Discover the best version of you!

In order to earn our cards, learners have researched what it means to be a Patriot, using the following acronym:









Maintaining Gold L.E.A.D. card status allows learners many privileges at school. Please talk with your learner about the L.E.A.D. card program.

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Math Happenings

Math classes have been plugging right along with multiplication and division! Learners have practiced multiplying by multiples of 10 and strategies for division. Several strategies that have been covered include creating equal groups, arrays, and repeated subtraction. Each child has also been learning that every division problem can be solved as a multiplication problem with an unknown factor. For example, 24 / 6 = ___ can be solved as 6 x ___ = 24. Click on the link below for examples of the strategies, practice activities, and printable resources.

The learners have also been working on activities for a Math Carnival that they will share with other C3 friends on Monday, October 31. Ask you learner what exciting game he or she created, and look for pictures of the Carnival in the next Smore!

In the next couple of weeks, math classes will be working to understand and write one- and two- step multiplication and division word problems. Learners will then begin a unit to determine and understand area and perimeter. As we begin each standard, it will be posted on FreshGrade, and resources will be tagged underneath the standard. This is a great place for you to look to know what your learner is working on and to find resources to help at home.

Our work towards Multiplication Sundaes is in full swing! Keep an eye on your learner’s binder for completed multiplication work. Learners should spend 10-15 minutes each day working towards fluency with multiplication and then division facts. Our Sundae Celebration is scheduled for December 14. Please ask your learner what his or her math class is doing to prove fluency with math facts.

Division Strategies:


Math Resources

Literacy Corner

Last week we finally went to see Charlotte's Web at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. Learners had been reading the novel throughout the previous month and were very excited to see the stage version. Prior to attending the play, classes explored the events in Charlotte's Web in various ways. Some classes looked at character traits, some looked at point of view and perspective, while others created plot diagrams to map out the events of the story. As "experts" on Charlotte's web, learner's really enjoyed watching the play and comparing the scenes to those in the book.

For some classes, Charlotte's web has been a launching point for some writing. Several learners' are sharing their opinion of the play by writing reviews. With this small projects, we have focused on the writing process, as well as, the aspects of opinion writing. In the coming weeks, we will finish some of our work with literature (review and reassess) and then our focus will shift to informational text. We will learn to use text features to find information and identify main idea and key details.

Other classes have been diving into a crime scene investigation. They have had to carefully read the text and use inferencing skills to try to determine who the culprit is. Learners are also asking questions about the text and then referring back to the text to find the answers. The students have gathered all their evidence to form an opinion on who is guilty. They then formed groups and talked about how to present their point of view and opinion. We discussed 21st century skills about how to properly debate something as well as effective teamwork/group work.

To find our standards, click here: http://alex.state.al.us/standardAll.php?grade=3&subject=ELA2015&summary=2

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Project Investigation

Project time has been inside the classroom, out in the garden and at Sweet Creek the past two weeks. Your learners are busy bees moving and learning. As we started our "Seeds Observation" we learned the Scientific Definition of what a fruit is and how it is classified. Each learner dissected a fruit or vegetable and held a debate on how and why it is considered a fruit. It was a fun, messy and smelly investigation that led to a lot of discussion and laughter.

While on our adventures to Sweet Creek we were given a lot of information about agriculture, the business aspect of farming, and so much more. Ask your learner what their favorite part was and what they learned, better yet, read their project journal entry. We want to thank Reed and Karen Ingram for the amazing experience. They welcomed each group daily and were so willing to help with any and everything. Go visit some time and your child can give you the personal tour.

Please make sure you read and discuss your learner's project journal entries. Sign the pink sheet in the front stating you and your learner have discussed their learning. As we are continuing with our Cabbage Garden, "From seed to table" we are working on lots of other great things.

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A fun trip to Sweet Creek to seek expert advice.

PRS Athletics and Spirit Wear

The PTSA and the Athletic association will be selling the spirit wear and athletic gear. Please order or contact your Lead Learner for more information about the athletic wear. After purchasing your athletic wear, come out and support the PRS basketball team.

Be on the lookout for some cool new PRS attire soon.

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Opportunities to extend learning with your family

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Upcoming Dates

October 31st: Fall Celebration (Donut Decorating- see signup genius for more information on how to help)

November 4th: P.O.P for C3 Learners

November 11th: Veteran's Day (NO SCHOOL)

November 21st-25th: Thanksgiving Break

News from the PTSA

We encourage ALL of our parents to join the PTSA! Each Lead Learner has joined already. Invite grandparents, neighbors, and community members to join and support PRS. The PTSA does a great deal of fantastic things for our school.

Now's the time to join! Find the membership form here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-AMcEGios39AXPqp6RJRjt_YUMSogQWIJkfJbWw0CSQ/edit

It is time for Reflections. This years theme “What is your Story?”. Students in preschool through grade 9 may create and submit works of art in six categories: dance choreography, film production, literature, musical composition, photography, and visual arts. Reflections program recognizes students at the Local, Council/Region, State and National PTA levels. At each level, all entries are judged on interpretation of the theme, creativity and artistic merit. Students may enter any or all of the six art categories. Multiple entries within a single arts category is permitted. Each entry must be the original work of one student and created specifically for the Reflections program based on the national theme. Each entry must also conform to the guidelines developed by the National PTA. Please visit the Alabama PTA website http://www.alabamapta.org/reflections for more information and for General Entry Forms and Guidelines 2016 - 2017.

Deadline this year will be November 30th for Pike Road School. Please turn in all entries to the school office.

The link below is the promotional video for this years event.


If you have any questions please contact Amanda Hargrove at amandahargrove@bellsouth.net or 334-294-7623.

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C3 Lead Learners

From Left to Right:

Erica Eller, Alyssa Schaefer, Kacie Baggett, Renee Dickerson, Ander Helms, Maria Franco

Important Information

Our Vision

Our students are lifelong learners who use their knowledge, skills,

and influence to make the world a better place.

Our Mission

To create a culture of intellectual curiosity where all students

have ownership over their learning and are inspired

to think, innovate, and create.

School Hours

Students may be dropped off beginning at 7:30.

Bell rings at 8:00.

Dismissal begins at 3:00.

School Address

500 Avenue of Learning Pike Road, AL 36064

School Phone Number