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April 3-7, 2017

Do not interrupt small group instruction, unless...

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Last Day

The official last day of school for the 2016-17 school year has always been Friday, May 26th. However, it may be earlier if we don’t have to make up snow/inclement weather days that were built in as part of state requirements. We build them in at the end of the year. As we have two days to make up at this point, that will allow us to forgive four of those days, meaning the current last day is scheduled to be Monday, May 22. The Communication office will start pushing out notifications mid-week.

from Bret-

I did not meet my goal this week and only provided Tower data to 3 principals.

Please ensure the phrase “Vote April 4” or a similar message appears in your marquee and leave it up until after the election.

Additionally, have a plan for communicating on April 3 and April 4 with your parents and staff about Proposition SPS. Suggestions include:

o Email message

o Parents/teachers passing out informational fliers in the car line during dismissal April 3. Additional fliers are available from Communications upon request.

o Posting information on social media

Should you need additional resources, contact Theresa Bledsoe.

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from J-

Do you have a fantastic library media specialist? A reminder that the SPS Foundation is seeking nominations for the Linda Luke Librarian of the Year Award 2017. Make a nomination by clicking here.

Due to the unfortunate accident that happened recently at Joplin School District, maintenance has been inspecting all district basketball goals for safety. First round of inspections was focused on the HS gym goals, and they are working through the remainder of goals in the district. Goals that pose as a significant safety concern for students will be replaced. This includes some exterior goals that are in need of repairs and/or have missing parts. These goals will be addressed as parts arrive. The district, not site, will own any costs associated with this.

A reminder that all hirings and permission to post starts with an email from you to me concerning the opening. This allows me to ensure a retirement/resignation letter has been received, and upon confirmation through HR, you get in writing the go ahead to start the process in School Stream.

This week I've had to opportunity to attend the MASA (superintendents) conference for a few days. My takeaway - the principalship is where the leadership magic happens. With the majority of sessions focused on budget, compliance, regulations, etc., it was disheartening to find limited offerings concerning learning and leadership. My appreciation grew for our cabinet who have to deal with more compliance issues than they should or desire to, yet they still drive the focus for learning. It also helped me to clarify my role: operationalize the vision. And it is at the building level in the classrooms that this is happening. My awe, thanks and support for continuing to drive this important work of learning.

Finally, thank you for your continued efforts around the Proposition SPS. As I have the opportunity to visit all of the sites, I see the inequity on a regular basis. I'm looking forward to providing students comfortable places to learn and our staff professional places to work and serve. It is the connection to the schools, not the district, that will bring parents and community members out to support.

Have a great first week of April!

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