UPES Updates

"Growing Tomorrow's LEADERS Today"- January 24, 2021

Goal Setting is a recipe for SUCCESS!

Our motto is "Growing Tomorrow's LEADERS Today", and we all know that nothing grows without the proper nutrients, attention and space. Reaching a goal involves more than just hoping and dreaming. One must set a goal, make a plan and get to work...Here's how your child can practice setting, tracking, and achieving goals--skills that will serve them well now and in the future.

Be Specific

What would your child like to accomplish? Maybe he or she wants to join our sight word club, read more words per minute, earn higher grades or become a better student overall. Suggest that they narrow the goal so that it is more targeted. The goal might be "I will learn 20 new sight words this week", or I will read 60 words per minutes" or "I will turn in all assignments in on time"

Map It Out

Breaking a goal into small steps makes it feels more manageable. You child can draw a winding road on a paper, add lines to divide it into segments, and write a step in each one. Example: "Read my sight words three times after school" or "Read my passage or story 3-4 times in a row before bed". Have your child to color each step as they complete each step.

Check In

Support your child by maintaining consistent communication with their teacher(s). Checking their folder or Schoology assignments "DAILY" and ensure they are completing assignments. Provide practice opportunities at home and make it a part of your afterschool routines.

2020-2021 School Improvement Goals and Strategies

Mid-Year Review Take-Aways and Next Steps

School Celebrations
  • All highly qualified teachers on staff with high morale
  • Progress made in reaching reading and math goals
  • Increase in digital circulation in MyOn and SORA
  • Decrease in discipline referrals
  • Decrease in students who are chronically absent (18 or more absences)
UPES Instructional Changes
  • K-1 grade students will continue to receive explicitly planned phonics (letter naming) and phonemic awareness (phoneme segmentation) instruction in Tier 1 while adding a sight word focus to increase students ability to read decodable text.
  • 2nd-3rd grade students will continue to receive instruction oral reading fluency instruction with a focus on accuracy and building their vocabulary & comprehension skills.
  • 4th-5th grade students will continue to receive oral reading fluency instruction with a focus on building reading stamina with complex text and comprehension skills.

Parental Help Needed--Teachers are sending home practice materials daily!

  • K-1st grade students should practice letter naming, sight words, complete lessons in Lexia and read decodable text 20-30 minutes daily.
  • 2nd -3rd grade students should practice sight words, sight word phrases, complete lessons in Lexia and read decodable or leveled texted 30-35 minutes daily.
  • 4th-5th grade students should be complete lessons in Edgenuity and read at least 30 -35 minutes daily.

TCS Specialty Schools Application is OPEN!

The online application for Tuscaloosa City Schools' specialty programs is now open. Families have the opportunity to apply for Fall 2021 admission to one of the following schools:

The application will close on the last school day of January at 3 p.m. and is available at http://specialty.tuscaloosacityschools.com/, where families can also access the program guidelines.

Pre-K Registration Open January 15 - March 5, 2021

The Tuscaloosa City Schools will begin accepting applications for the Alabama First Class Pre-K Program on January 15, 2021- March 5, 2021 at 3 p.m. To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be 4 years old on or before September 1, 2021
  • Live within the zone of the school for which they are applying .
A random selection process will take place on March 12 at 9 a.m. Parents will be informed of a selection during the week of March 15. The application process is online only. To apply, visit https://alprek.asapconnected.com. For more information, call 205-342-0516.

Remember SAFE schools BEGIN AT HOME!

While at school, we are ensuring that our students are wearing their masks properly, washing and sanitizing hands routinely, decreasing and monitoring strategic student movement in the hallways, cafeteria and restrooms. Please help us by including the following in your before-school routine:

  • Screening your child for symptoms prior to their arrival at school.
  • Providing a water for your child's use as water fountains will be unavailable.
  • Providing a clean and appropriately sized face-covering for your child to wear throughout the day. All individuals whether students, staff or guests must wear face coverings while in TCS facilities.
  • PLEASE DO NOT send your child to school sick .
If your child becomes symptomatic or they receive a positive COVID diagnosis, please alert your child's teacher, Nurse Lisa, Mrs. Eppes our secretary or an administration immediately. Please see the TCS COVID tracker for real-time data.
Big picture

Arrival & Dismissal Reminders

Arrival- begins at 7:30

  • Car riders can exit their car and use the side walk to enter the building to maintain a steady flow of traffic.
  • Temperatures are being checked in the front lobby.
  • Any student who arrives on campus after 8:00 a.m. must be signed in by a parent.
  • Parents are required to wear a mask to enter the building and/or sign in tardy students.

Dismissal- begins at 2:30 for Pre-K students

  • Only walking parents are allowed to walk up to get a child, and those students have been identified as "walkers".
  • Please plan accordingly for after-school appointments to prevent the need to walk-up or be in a hurry during carpool.
  • Hang tag are required and are issued with your child's name.
  • If you send someone to pick up your child(ren), please inform them of our dismissal procedures and what lane to enter for your child(ren).
  • If a hang tag is not present, a pictured I.D must present before a child is dismissed.
  • Please refrain from distractions or using cellphones in the carpool lane to ensure the safety of everyone.
  • Traffic flows and stops together; no cars are allowed to pass or switch lanes during dismissal.
  • ALL students must be picked up by 3:00 p.m.

Please know the safety of your child is our first priority, and the process works quickly, if we all do our part.

Meal Pick-Up at UPES- Friday, January 29th (11:00-1:00)