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2017-18 School Year Kicks Off

  • We need 9 more volunteers for this Saturday, 8/19! Hang out with your Sustainability Team (we are super fun and we laugh a lot) while giving a few hours of your time to the Earth! Sign up here:
  • E-CYCLING: Bring your electronics, textiles, and paper to Chaparral to be recycled for FREE! See below.
  • Now accepting Green PBL applications!
  • Skype a Scientist

Look forward to another fantastic year working to sustain DCSD with you!

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Apply Now for Green PBL 17-18!

The Green Project Based Learning Fund has successfully encouraged schools to address energy and other sustainability issues, joining the District in its efforts to be responsible stewards of our resources. This year we will focus on three main pillars for the incentive: Innovation, Student Leadership and Community Impact.

Green PBL Fund

The purpose of the Green PBL Fund is to provide a platform for students to research global issues and understand how our society has responded to such issues through education, awareness, technologies, entrepreneurship, etc. This program provides a way for students to take these understandings and apply or create new solutions to pressing issues in our local community. The proposed projects should identify an environmental problem or need in your community (could be your school, neighborhood, city, or Douglas County) and create an innovative solution to that problem or need. Students should be involved in project research, development, and evaluation.

Funds Available: Schools may apply for funds in any amount. $200,000 is available to distribute to applicants on a competitive basis.

Application: Green PBL Application

Deadline: September 15


Sustainability is a very innovative field and is constantly developing new technologies to address natural resource scarcity. This program is intended to get students to think differently about problems and come up with creative solutions that are applicable to DCSD. We have provided some examples; however, these projects are merely suggestions and have not been vetted for feasibility. Below are the examples:

  • Bike charging stations
  • Solar electric vehicle charging stations
  • Energy dashboards
  • E-gauges
  • Solar compact trash cans
  • Ground source heating
  • Solar panels for hot water tanks
  • Energy kite
  • Waste to energy technologies
  • Kinetic energy flooring

The most important part of this program is TO HAVE FUN while learning about innovative ways to sustain our school district.

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