Kyle b. Trading

Indian Traders

The Fur Trade Starter

What stared the Fur Trade was the early explorers tales about the land between the Great lakes and Mississippi river. They told about the Indian tribes and they great number of furry animals they saw.When the french heard these tales they went to Wisconsin to see if it was true. They brought knives and tools of steel for the Fur Trade.

The end of the Fur trade happened when Indian tribes were pushed off the land.The Americans came and started farming.More and more white men came to farm.Wild animals almost disappeared.Forts and Fur companies were no longer needed.The Fur trade was then soon gone.

The Lead Mining Starter

Lead Mining started when Jean Nicolet came into Wisconsin.Lots of people followed him in search of lead.Nicolas Perrot was the first white man to mine for the time of the Revolution Lead mining was very important.Lead bars were used as money in the fur trade which caused a lead rush into southwestern Wisconsin.

The lead mining days ended in 1860 due to no surface lead and hitting water when digging deep down.Many of the lead miners went to farming and some went to mining gold in the gold rush of 1849.

The Lumber Industry Starter

What started the Lumber industry was all of the pine trees that were near them. They made saw mills to cut the trees down.they sent men from their industry to cut trees down and send them down the river so that they get to the sawmill.

The lumber Industries never ended.They never caused conflicted with over people and if they did it wasn't bad enough to have to end cutting down trees.It was also good to cut trees to build houses and to make tools.