SVMS Supporters are the BEST!

Thank you for all the friends and families that supported the SVMS Eagles this year. Your efforts are noticed and very much appreciated!

Where do I find communication about SVMS?

Well, if that isn't a loaded question I don't know what is. Here you go!

Want the latest PTSA info? Try here: or

how about here? Facebook is the easiest way to follow us. If you want to receive the PTSA smore you must email or sign up at enrollment. I have no other way to reach you!

Want the latest on the whole of SVMS: Try here:

or maybe here? And please, please, please sign up for the weekly newsletter sent out by the principals. Sometimes it comes out once a week. Sometimes it comes out more frequently. It depends on how much the school has going on. You really want to make sure you sign up so that you know about ALL opportunities offered by SVMS!

Looking for Fine Arts? Try here:

How about Orchestra? Instagram: @svsorch

Want to know what Athletics we have available? Try here: and here @LN8_Athletics

Not on Twitter? You're going to want to be! It's quick. It's painless. It's handy!

Here are the important twitter pages:


SVMS PTSA: @ptsasvms

SVMS Orchestra: @SVMSFineArts

Athletics: @LN8_Athletics

PTSA Meeting Dates-Join us March 5th for our next meeting!

PTSA meeting dates, meeting minutes, and upcoming PTSA events will be listed at Memberplanet is a website that we have been using this year to promote some of our fundraisers and to streamline the PTSA membership process. Take a look around and see what you think!

Upcoming PTSA events and updates and pics of events will also be on the SVMS Facebook page Look for us at Ptsa Svms on Facebook.

We will also, occasionally, tweet on twitter directly from an event. Look for our twitter handle at @ptsasvms.

The next PTSA date is March 5th at 6:30 in the SVMS Library if you want to attend! We'd love to see you!

SVMS Spirit wear

Please keep in mind when you order spirit wear for your child that students tend to have a growth spurt in middle school. So size up!

For one week only we are having an ONLINE ONLY Spirit Wear flash sale. We will offer one print in a 50/50 tshirt for $7. if you want to expand your Eagle wear or your kiddo has grown out of their Eagle spirit wear this is the shirt for you!

All orders will be final after Sunday, February 4th. We will not be buying any extra shirts to sell later so act accordingly!

Take a look!

The Future of Fundraisers

We offer a variety of fundraisers in an effort to reach out to all of our families at SVMS. Feel free to participate in whichever events fit your family best.

Invest in Your Eagles: PTSA donations are also accepted throughout the year. You may write a check directly to the PTSA. 100% of these donations will go into the PTSA fund so that it can be devoted back to the students.

Amazon Smile: You can donate through, too. By going to and designating PTA Missouri Congress South Valley Middle School, PTSA a portion of all of your purchases will come back to SVMS. You can even make it the home page that your web browser goes to. Every little bit helps!

School Wide Color Run: We tried a school wide color run this year and it was a success. It was held on school grounds during school hours in October. See some of our pictures here:

Penrod's Mums Fundraiser: This is a new fundraiser this year. We will be selling a variety of colors of mums in 1.5 gallon tubs for $10 at our Back to School BBQ on Tuesday, September 13th.

Pendrod's Poinsettia Fundraiser: This one is new this year and was sent home at the end of November. We had anywhere from 40%-50% profit on these. PTSA will be looking for help with the organization and distribution of this fundraiser.

Major Saver Cards: These cards include discounts on restaurant and businesses throughout the district. They are sold by the district -- not through the PTSA. However, 50% of their profit goes directly back to SVMS and 100% of the profit goes back to the Liberty School district. These cards usually come home to students during December.

Pendrod's Spring Flower Sale: Once again, this is a new fundraiser for SVMS. We will also have a 40%-50% profit on this sale. The sizes and variety of flowers will be communicated to families in early spring. We will also need a decent amount of parent volunteers to help us organize this endeavor!

Restaurant Nights: We are currently in negotiations with several local restaurants in the area to confirm some restaurant nights. We usually have anywhere from a 15%-50% return in profit from these restaurants as they are very eager to give back to the community. If you have a restaurant that you would like to see us frequent please email

Field Trips. What we Fundraise for.

That probably seems like a LOT of fundraising! We at SVMS PTSA have figured out that with combining all the different schools into one building also requires a variety of fundraising. Some families like to write a check. Feel free. Send it in. We will thank you. Interested more in living things? No worries. We sell mums, poinsettias, and spring flowers-just for you! Pick one or pick them all. I'm certain we have a fundraiser that will fit for you.

The majority of our fundraisers go towards the end of the year Field Trips that students go on. The teachers get together and organize a day in May where all the students go on a field trip. Historically, the Sixth graders go to a variety museums downtown, the Seventh graders do a tour of the Royals Stadium and the Health Lab at Arrowhead, and the Eighth graders are lead on a historical trip to Leavenworth. The staff organizes and brain storms the best field trip for our students and the PTSA helps with the funding.

Our goal is to help the staff at SVMS send every student on a field trip each year and at this time we are one of the middle schools that can provide this. The students seem to not only enjoy the day off of school, but also being able to participate in these events with their fellow students.

Battle for the Paddle

This year we have become a more active participant in the Battle for the Paddle games. There is one game per athletic activity where the students that will be going to LNHS (SVMS and Heritage students) take on the athletes that will be going to LHS (DMS and LMS). These games are called the Battle for the Paddle games and are highly attended.

There is usually some kind of concession available or food truck at each event.

We are really, really looking for volunteers to help us with these events. Anyone that has time and energy to entertain students after school until the athletic event starts is in great need! If Poster making, board game playing, or just hanging out with tweens is something that appeals to you-WE NEED YOU!

Contact Lori Hillman ( to volunteer!

Looking for Volunteers!

We are looking for a few good parents and family members to help us run our PTSA next year. The challenge to volunteering with a middle school PTSA event is that most volunteers are needed from just after school (around 2:00) until 4:00 or after. So right in the middle of all the car rider and bus stop fun! If you can commit to one date this year during this time or have a family member (we're looking at all those retired grandparents out there!) that can help during these hours it would be GREATLY appreciated!

We will also have officer openings if you would like to be on the executive board. The SVMS PTSA meets every couple months in the SVMS Cafe and is VERY laid back. Email Lori Hillman ( if this appeals to you!

So You Want to Be a Member?

PTSA Memberships and volunteer forms will be collected throughout the school year. You can pick up a paper form in the office, we will have them at enrollment in the fall, or you can find it on our Memberplanet website as well. will organize our membership and will handle our financial transactions, also.

Go to or use our Ptsa Svms facebook page to check out our website!

Thanks for supporting SVMS PTSA!