Fever Crumb

By: Philip Reeve

Did you ever not no your past,that what happens to a young girl but she finds a secret to her past.

Philip Reeve - Book Trailer for Fever Crumb


This book is about a young girl who became an engineer who helps to tell what and when an artifact came from. The books characters are Fever Crumb, Auric Godshawk, Wavey Godshawk, Gideon Crumb, Arlo Thursday, Kit Solent/ Shrike, Charley Shallow, Cluny Morvish, and Nicola Querus. The story takes place in London, a hundred years in the future. The problem of the story is that Fever is believed to be a scriven. The scriven were a race of creatures that ruled over the people of London. Fever is believed to be a scriven because she has one eye that is one color and the other that is another color. She was found out when she got mixed up in a crud of people who saw her eyes and jumped to the conclusion she was a scriven. "She started to back away, pointing with one arm at Fever's face while she use the other to elbow a path for herself through the crowd. "her eyes!" she squealed. "Her eyes! She's one of them!"


I chose this book because I thought that it would be interesting . My favorite part of the book occurred when Kit solent came and saved Fever from an anger mob. In my opinion, the book is okay because there was not enough action. I would recommend the book to teens and adults. One reason I liked the book was because it was about what London could look like in the future. Also another reason is because it was about an engineer who went somewhere she did not want to go to alone.
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