Job interview facts

By: Mallory

Before The Interview.

Before the interview you should always research the company so you can tailor your answers on what your employer is looking for. And so you don't embarrass yourself if you don't know anything about the job. You might also want to flatter your new employer about how much you already know about his/her company. Also, before actually arriving to the interview, make sure you know exactly where to drive to. Say, the day before, plan your route to the building so the day of your interview you don't get completely lost and end up late.
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During The Interview

When entering the room you're taking your interview in, make sure to greet your interviewer with a friendly smile, a nice firm handshake, and state your name. You should always arrive about 10-15 minutes early. Never try to be "fashionably late." Make sure to bring you resume as your interviewer might want to use that as a guide line to your questions. After the interview, or during, make sure to ask a question or two. Just to make sure you seem the least bit interested of course. You could ask things like, "When can I start?" Or "What can I do to make sure I am working to the best to my ability?" Or something along those lines.
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After the interview

Afterwards, always remember to say goodbye to your interviewer by shaking his/her hand again and thanking them for their time. This will hopefully leave y'all on a good note and make a good impression on yourself. Then, once you get home, send them a little thank you email or letter of some sort to seal the deal and show them that you'd really like the job.
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5 most Common Interview Questions: How to Answer Them

Question One: Tell me about yourself.

Now, this isn't an open invitation to tell your interviewer your whole life story. No, this is a perfect time to tell them your skills and experiences you've picked up from past jobs, clubs, organizations, etc. Make sure your answer is tailored so it's exactly what your interviewer wants to hear and to persuade them on the set reason on why you're the perfect candidate for this position.

Question Two: Why are you interested in working for this company?

This isn't a trick question people. This question is basically asking whether or not you did your research on their company. Flatter them. Tell them every little thing that you like about their company and why. Tell them you admire what they do.

Question Three: Do you have any questions for me?

Ask. Questions. Always ask questions. This will make you seem more interested in the job you're being interviewed for. Ask questions like, "When can I start?" or "What does a regular day look like here?" or anything that your interviewer hasn't already covered.

Question Four: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. But, keep it simple. Tell them your life ambitions, your goals, etc. Maybe even tell them you see yourself working and still improving at their company to flatter them even more.

Question Five: Describe your best/worse boss.

Believe me, this isn't the time to bash your old bosses/boss. You can save that for your friends. But this is the perfect time to yet again, flatter them. Tell them little about your best boss but just enough to make sure you don't seem too fishy or you don't seem like you miss them. Tell them things about your worse boss that this new employer hasn't portrayed yet. This question might also be one of those hidden questions. This question really means, "I only want to know about your worse/best past bosses so I'm not like them and you will stay. *creepy smile*"

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Dressing for the Interview.

This may seem like a stressful thing, because everybody likes to make first impressions, but it's really not. All you have to do is raid your closet for anything that isn't jeans, bright colored items, or t-shirts. Everybody has something not along those lines. And if you don't, go buy something from Goodwill. Nobody will know where you got it from. Who cares?

Women: Wear a preferably neutral colored shirt (just nothing too loud but whatever works/matches will be fine), with either a blazer or a cardigan over it. For pants you can wear black dress pants or a skirt. If you go the skirt route, make sure it's appropriate. Meaning, wear something that if you drop your pen you can actually bend down to get it without semi-mooning people. A dress would also be fabulous.

Men: Y'all have it easy. Same rules apply, nothing too loud or under-dressed. A suit would be nice but you don't have to wear one. If not, just wear a button up shirt and matching dress pants. No biggie.

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Interview Don'ts.

This is basically common sense stuff. Always shake his/her hand when arriving and before leaving. Always keep eye contact throughout the whole interview no matter what. No slouching obviously. No fidgeting or biting your nails. Just sit still, answer questions, and have good manners.
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