The Epi Owl 'Hoot'

A quick look at what we've been working on this half term!

A note from Mrs Thorp

Well this will certainly be a half term that we will remember for a long time! Now that we are beginning to look towards the end of the lockdown restrictions, it is good to look back and see all the wonderful things that you have all achieved during this period of remote learning. You have all coped extremely well, and should be proud of how you have risen to the challenge in order to continue to support the best learning opportunities for your children.

What has really been clear is the resilience of our children and the ability that they have to adapt to any new situation. This will be of great benefit to them when we reopen our school doors. Things will not be the same as when they left, they will have to readjust to a very different approach, but I am sure that they will amaze us as always. We are busy working behind the scenes to get prepared for when we do reopen, and I will send you all a separate letter outlining our approach very soon.

Have a lovely half term and enjoy the added freedoms that you should have next week – but please stay safe!

The 75th Anniversary of VE Day was marked in style by our families!

Mental Health Awareness Week

As well as posting daily inspirational quotes on our Facebook page, if you have a look at our website, there is a page dedicated to Mental Health, with a range of resources for you to read. These were provided to us by our Educational Psychology & Advisory Specialists (EPAS).

Click here for more information

A tip from Year 6 on how to make the lockdown more bearable: the Toilet Roll Challenge!

Year 6 Toilet Roll Challenge

The Iron Man has inspired some superb work in Y1!

There's also been fantastic maths, writing and music in Year 1!

And Y1 love work that is about their toys!

Poetry is written to be performed! Well done Y6!

Is it Tuesday or Friday? Take 1
Is it Tuesday or Friday? Take1.1

Talking about performing... Here's some amazing music, inspired by Ms Rowe!

EPS media
EPS media
EPS media
Big picture

Work in Year 4 continues to be amazing!

Carrie's War has everyone hooked! Three wartime evacuees are billeted to Wales. There is also a mystery to be solved which is keeping all of Year 4 in suspense as it unfolds in each chapter we listen to every day!

Watch out Steve Backshall! In Y4 the children have been getting up close (but not too close) to nature that they have discovered on their doorstep!

EPS media

Y4 Wartime Cooking Project: Pupils were given a Wartime Recipe Booklet - they came up with some great results!

FS1 Superstars!

Making models, building towers, measuring things... wow! So much great work!
Big picture
Big picture
Is this the Burj Khalifa, Reuben? What a tower!

In FS2, Turtles and Dolphins have been celebrating VE Day, making castles and much more!

Year 6 set the bar very high!

Here are photos of some amazing science that the children have done at home using STEM resources from school.

Their Lost Thing reports were fantastic!

Scarlett investigated the ages of trees and found one that was exactly the same age as her.

Noah experimented with cabbage.

Our children created origami figures for maths... most did Yoda as it was Star Wars day!

Big picture

We all thought of Mrs Kestas on 'May the Fourth'!

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And what about Year 5?

Goodness me, have they been busy?! Cooking, creating, writing, acting, presenting!
Lucy Grey, by Freddie

And Y5 Science?? Wowzers!

EPS media
EPS media
EPS media

Year 2 are loving the challenges they're being given!

Year 2 used the story Toy Boat to create a task for the children to design and make their own toy boat from recycling materials, reflecting on their science work on Materials too. Marley has shown the whole process in his pictures.

Year 2 had a go at their own 'pointillism' at home

Big picture

And created posters about animals!

As part of their maths' tasks the children have been completing counting work-outs in the morning before beginning their maths. These videos which show three Y2 children in action!
EPS media
EPS media
EPS media

Year 3, not to be left behind, have been doing super Science!

Big picture

Have you ever grown your own seeds and made food from the produce?

Year 3 have!

...and writing and maths!