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We are reading all about the extreme habitats that exist around the world, and the special adaptations that animals have in order to survive.

We also partnered up to research and create Extreme Environment PowerPoints that highlight the interesting facts we have been learning.

We finished The One and Only Ivan, a new favorite! The students really enjoyed learning all about Ivan and Ruby’s developing friendship and we were able to draw many similarities to Charlotte’s Web. Our next read aloud to finish out the year is The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, a wonderful life journey of a very special china rabbit.


We just started our final writing piece of the year entitled “One of…” writing. This is based on Angela Johnson’s book, One of Three. The children are writing about personal experiences and family memories, applying all the 3rd grade writing techniques we have learned this year and creating an illustrated book.


We are SO EXCITED to watch our butterflies emerge from their chrysalis’. We have also started our final science unit, Motion. We have gone on a motion search throughout Buckingham Elementary and have performed “speed” trials where the children were timed doing different kinds of motion, walking backwards, crawling, and hopping. We will be learning about collisions, distance, and speed as well through different hands on learning.


We will be exploring volume, perimeter, and area in the next unit, as well as more problem solving as we conclude the year. Remember to keep practicing fast facts!


June 4th- Philadelphia Zoo field trip- wear comfy shoes, pack a bagged lunch, and bring a small bag to carry lunch and a small amount of money.

May 31st – Field Day! – Wear team colors and bring ice water - it will be HOT!!!!

Whiton Winner Happenings!

Rick Mikula, butterfly expert, presented to the third grade all about the butterflies of the world. He brought many different types of butterflies and moths and presented a beautiful and entertaining slide show!

Virtual Field Trip- Indianapolis Zoo – We enjoyed a virtual field trip to the Indianapolis Zoo where we learned and experienced all different types of butterflies.