Let's Catch Up

Mercy Mission Canada

Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, Mercy Mission Canada Ansaaris!

Welcome to the New Let’s Catch Up monthly update.
In each issue you will find the latest updates for each Mercy Mission Program, upcoming events, and team annoucements inshaAllah.
We ask Allah that these updates are beneficial to you and us, and that we as Mercy Mission
members continue to encourage and help each other towards the highest achievements in this dunya and in the akhirah, ameen.

Mercy Mission Madinah

There are several exciting on-going and new programs at The Madinah! Be sure to enroll and to
share the news with your family, friends and those in your community inshaAllah!

Quran for Sisters and Children:
Drop in to the Madinah from 3:30pm-6:30pm and practice and learn Quran at your pace and skill level with a qualified female teacher with an Ijazah. This service is also available for both young girls and boys (boys under the age of 10).

In-Person Counselling Services:
Our counselling Services specialize in Pre-marriage, Marriage, Divorce, Youth, Family issues and New Comers. Available for both Brothers and Sisters with a Professional Muslim Counselor in Multiple languages Book an Appoint by calling us at
1-855-Madinah (623-4626) or Email info@mercymission.ca

Jumma at the Madinah:
Mercy Mission Madinah is pleased to announce the launch Jummah Salah for both Brothers and Sisters around west end Mississauga starting May 10, 2013 inshaAllah. Come join us and help us grow stronger together.
"The prayer in congregation is twenty seven times superior to the prayer offered by person alone." [Bukhari & Muslim, from Ibn Umar]

Sister Tafseer Class, Kids Summer Program, Ramadhan Taraweeh:
Coming Soon. Stay tuned for updates!

New team members:
  • Sr Hanaan El-Sabawi
  • Sr Suzana Mendez
  • Sr Shalma Etwaree
  • Br Noorani Sairally

Opportunities within Madinah:
  • Marketing Co-ordinator
  • Graphic Designer
  • Qualified Counselor
  • Communication and Out-reach co-ordinator
  • Madinah Musallah Admin (brother and sister)

If interested, please email us at info@mercymission.ca

Women’s Resource Centre

A brief review of what’s been happening on our end:
  • An increase of the Helpline hours to 4 more hours per week
  • Had 2 more successful Helpline Training Sessions
  • Completed a stats survey on where our calls come from and what topics are frequently covered
DID YOU KNOW the Helpline receives more calls from the US cities, then from Canada?

  • Represented at the International Women’s Day brunch in the Peel Region
  • Welcomed four new members to the team
  • Handled 5 cases in our Case Management team of sisters in dire need
  • Had 11 happy clients through our Counseling Service
DID YOU KNOW our counseling service is not limited to sisters? We have brother’s counselors on the team too!

Stay tuned for:
  • More increases of our Helpline Hours!
  • Our Resource Database covering 5 more cities!
  • Many more additions to the Helpline Team members
  • The One-Hundred Campaign
  • A rigorous Marketing Campaign for the Muslim Women’s Helpline
  • An exciting Empowerment Webinar

Volunteer opportunities with the WRC:
  • Helpline Counselors (applications accepted before May 20th, 2013)
  • Helpline Training Coordinator
  • SLC Researcher
  • Empowerment Coordinator
If you're interested in the above 3 positions, please email us at wrc@mercymission.ca

New Muslim Care

Chapter activities planned or ongoing:
  • Victoria, BC: Social Gathering in May
  • Vancouver, BC: Social Gathering in May
  • Halifax, NS: Islam 101 in May onwards
  • Waterloo, ON: Islam 101 running in both Waterloo and Cambridge
  • Sarnia-Chatham, ON: Social Gathering in June
  • Houston, TX: Social Gathering in May
  • Mississauga, ON: Social Gathering in May or June

Chapter activities in the past month:

  • Vancouver, BC: Meet and Greet in April (over 30 attended)
  • Waterloo, ON: Weekly meetings and Journey Through Islam: A New Beginning
  • April event (over 100 attended)
  • Hong Kong, PRC: Completion of Islam 101 class (over 80 attended)

Worldwide Activities in the past quarter
  • Having direct impact and change in the lives of over 100 new Muslims (unique
  • numbers) directly through Chapter activities in person
  • Having impacted of over 200 new Muslims (separate unique numbers) through
  • the MyMuslimBuddy and kits worldwide
  • Piloting of new kits shipment and the shipment of over 80 kits worldwide in March and April
  • Planning for a new NMC Website portal with brand new content and new services

NMC is looking for volunteers within the GTA who can package or help ship kits
to new Muslims.

NMC is also looking for volunteers in the following:
  • HR (Tracking)
  • Chapters (Running or Volunteering)
  • Charitable Affairs (Fundraising and Kits Shipping)
  • Communication (Social Media)
  • Counseling (Online)
  • Education (Booklet Content Production)
  • Empowerment (Workshop Content Production)
  • Website (IT, Stories and Article Writing)
  • And more!
If anyone is interested, please email info@newmuslimcare.ca

Zakat Project

Did you know there are at least 200,000 people who are homeless across Canada tonight? Even more tragically one third of them are between the ages of 16 and 24. This Ramadan, Mercy Mission is launching a project which aims to utilize Zakat funds collected in Canada in order to provide a lifeline for local deserving recipients. This group consists of some of the most vulnerable members of our community, including new converts, widows, orphans, refugees, the elderly and the homeless. Team up with us to become part of this mission. We are looking for dedicated and passionate individuals with various qualities. Please email us at info@mercymission.ca for any inquiries and volunteer opportunities.

Alkauthar Institute

Update on Team Members:
AK Canada Support Team consisting of Maria A, Mohammed H, Rayyan E, Azfar A, Waleed H launched.

  • Sr Miriam Ahmed takes over as Ameera Vancouver
  • Sr Dora Chowdury takes over as Ameera of Montreal
  • Br Mussa Mustaqim takes over a Ameer of Montreal.
  • Br Jetmir from Vancouver had surgery and is now back at work.
  • Sr Suad (ex Ameera for Ottawa) is returning to help AlK Ottawa with its online facebook
  • presence
  • Sr Sondus (Ameera Waterloo) lost both her GrandFathers in a short period of time. Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.
  • Sr Maryam Rana has been sick. Requesting dua.

Welcome all of the new team members in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Waterloo and Ottawa Teams.

Upcoming Courses:
  • Toronto: Prophets of Allah
  • Montreal: Un modèle pour L'Humanité
  • Vancouver:The Divine Protection
  • Waterloo: The Real Deal
  • Ottawa: The Victorious One

For more information and registration please visit our website

For any opportunities with Alkauthar institute, please email us at info@mercymission.ca

Being ME

Jazakallah khairun to everyone for the love and duahs sent for our dear sister Ayesha Sharieff's Mother - Mashallah through Allah (SWT) mercy she has return homed after much time at the hospital

Being Me also would request your duahs for the close family members who have passed away recently:

Sis Rabia (Vancouver ) Grandmother

Sis Roda (Toronto) Uncle

Sis Shaheen (Toronto) Aunt

Alhumdulillah, Being ME is in Vancouver - conference on Sept. 7th, 2013 !!!! Divine Liberation-

This amazing group of sisters have been working hard- gaining volunteers, holding events and preparing for their promo tour to Promote Being Me in the greater Vancouver area.

Their energy and excitement defiantly admirable.

Congratulations to Vancouver for an excellent start.

Being ME Toronto is back - October 2013 !!!! We're in our 3rd year Masha Allah.....

Looking forward to seeing everyone come out to join our team and attend this amazing movement as sisters.

Program Team: Unveiling of the Being ME theme for this year

Being Me: Inspired Hearts, Transformed Lives

Allah-The Most Merciful says “Those who believe and whose hearts are set at rest by the remembrance of

Allah; now surely by the remembrance of Allah are the hearts set at rest."- Quran 13:28.

In the heart of a Muslimah lies faith to inspire change, the strength to conquer obstacles and drive to impact the world. Reaching those heights takes reflection, purification, and work to ignite our hearts towards the path of Allah. The Prophet(Peace Be Upon Him) would often recite “O Allah! Controller of the hearts, direct our hearts to Your obedience.” [Related by Muslim].

As women, we share similar narratives of joys, struggles, and changes which shape our lives and teach us invaluable lessons. These experiences enhance our character, strengthen our hearts and guide our actions – all of which enable us to build our families and communities. We may come from different histories and spiritual journeys, but our hearts beat the same for the love of Allah. We desire to find the love of Allah in our hearts so we may fill our lives with iman(faith) and sakeenah(tranquility). It is through obedience to Allah that our hearts gain the perseverance to be our best selves as we continue to impact the lives of those around us.

This year is about inspiring your heart, finding your home among sisters, and exploring your drive for learning. Join us as we build a storyboard that illustrates how the challenges, aspirations, achievements, and inspirations we face unite us all in one bond and one story.

Recruiting Team Call Out to VOLUNTEERS - the opportunity for ajar is filling up fast so, get in soon.....

For those of you who are interested, we would like to invite you to join us in this invigorating conference for the sake of Allah!!!! May all of your efforts and contributions be multiplied in rewards Inshaa Allah.

Here are some positions available, please reply with the position(s) you are interested in for further details: (many more position avaialble just drop us a line...)

> Sales Coordinator

> Assistant Public Relations Coordinator

> Designers (Expereince in: Web design, flyer design etc.)

Email the Volunteer Committee for additional details: beingmevolunteers@gmail.com

Check out our website (Updates In Progress) http://canada.being-me.org/