Wednesday Well Wishes

Remote Counseling-week 7

The Cool Bean - Kids Books Read Aloud

Kindness and Self-Concept

The Cool Beans in this story showed kind acts towards the little bean. What kind acts did you notice? After they were kind, the Little Bean also wanted to be kind to others. That's how kindness works and you can spread it in your home during these times, just like we would at school.

The Little Bean was also experiencing some negative thoughts about himself. He would say things that weren't kind to himself and then he began to believe these things were true even though they weren't. The Cool Beans helped him feel happiness again, but what are some things he could have said to himself to practice positive self-talk? Here are some ideas:

Connect with Mrs. Krug

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Even when most of your days feel happy, there can still be times that you'll need a calming technique throughout the day. Let's try square breathing this week! Square breathing can be done just about anywhere and it is also simple to teach to others:

Parent Tip of the Week: KEEP CHECKING IN

Even if you develop "new normal" with your child during these times and see their happiness grow, don't forget to check in with them often. Open ended questions are always best, as well as neutral type settings such as while you are coloring, driving, etc.