Curriculum Council Meeting

May 7, 2013

What We've Accomplished

  • Teams completed 3-4 map reviews
  • Provided add'l work with Jeanne Tribuzzi (for ELA) and Betty Barrett (for Math)
  • Core Team Members supported mapping projects and Atlas software
  • Over 260 hours used outside of the classroom for paid curriculum work, K-12
  • Used Oct. 22nd Supt. Conf Day for Curriculum Work
  • Arranged October Webinar for Curriculum Review Process
  • Outlined ways to conduct Curriculum Reviews


  • Show exemplar tab in Atlas
  • Integrated areas of focus (with APPR): Assessment, Technology Integration
  • Reader's/Writer's Workshop
  • Math Curriculum/Redesign
  • Summer Curriculum Hours Available
  • Curriculum Modules from Engage NY (purchase through BOCES)
  • Support needed from Core Team
  • Other Ideas/Needs/Feedback from Council

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K-2 Lisa Frinton
3-5 Stacia Sheehan
Specials - Carol Cutler
MS - Pat Siano
HS - Greg Baker, Liz O'Connell
Districtwide - Lisa Meade

ROLES CLARIFIED (From January Meeting)

Curriculum Coordinator

Simply put – coordinate.

  • · Create roll out plan for year based on prior year input.
  • · Lead Curriculum Council in district plan for the year (as based on curriculum roll out plan).
  • · Collaborate with principals to arrange for requested pd in curriculum related areas.
  • · Oversee Curriculum Core Team for district.
  • · Provide technical support for Atlas software.
  • · Help maintain Atlas software and related paperwork.
  • · Attend monthly, regional BOCES meetings as curriculum representative from district. Share out details with admin team as appropriate.
  • · Recommend curriculum resources.
  • · Help review maps districtwide.
  • · Identify need areas for Title II A grant consideration and final admin approval.


As Instructional Leaders, we…

  • · Work with teachers to assist them in the development, implementation, evaluation and revision of building specific curriculum.
  • · Coordinate and oversee the selection of textbooks.
  • · Coordinate compliance with federal and state standards and legislated mandates related to curriculum.
  • · Develop budget for curriculum development and evaluation, textbook purchases and staff training in their respective building
  • · Decide pedagogy and/or instructional approaches to be used by building
  • · Help review maps districtwide
  • · Compare actual instructional practice against the written curriculum
  • · Determine courses to be offered
  • · Organize building wide assessments
  • · Identify best teaching practices (through APPR process)
  • · See p. 4 of Marshall Rubric
Upgrade Your Curriculum One Unit at a Time