Bearcat Brief

April 20, 2018

Notes from Niki

Testing has been going very well- thank you to everyone for their cooperation and especially those classroom teachers who have been testing kids in their rooms all week. The kids' good attitudes toward testing and hard work is a testament to the expectations set for them. Several students have mentioned that they like how testing is going because it doesn't seem like they're testing all of the time. I hope it still feels like that 2 weeks from now.

Here are a few things to knock off of your "To Do" list:

  • Dr. Hankins shared a Google Sheet with all teachers "Anticipated Educational Placement 2018-19." Please check that it is accurate for you and don't forget to get your transcript into Susan as soon as possible so those changes can be made to your contract.
  • Complete your online enrollment for insurance- representatives from Cigna will be in the building on the 23 and 24 from 7:30-3:00. They will be in the conference room to answer any questions you may have.

Spring is definitely in the middle school air. Our presenter yesterday at the APR training said, "Spring is here and the sap is flowing." I would definitely say that is true. Please practice active supervision in all settings- moving, scanning and talking to kids to be as preventative as possible.

Professional Reading/ Resources:

The subtitle of this article is, "The first thing students need to learn is what they're supposed to be learning." Much of the professional development that I have done this year is about RTI, PLC's, PBIS and how they work together. In nearly every article, webinar, or lecture it comes back to the foundation of a "guaranteed and viable curriculum." This is why BYOC is so important; whether you like the tool or not, identifying student learning targets and creating best-practice lessons around them is essential to student achievement.

To have students well-versed in that curriculum, their learning targets and expectations is a powerful motivator for students and helps them see the big picture. This article does a nice job in explaining when and how learning targets have power.

Adobe Spark is a great tool, and easy, for making web pages, social media posts, videos... but has been limited to students by age restrictions. It is now open for educational use. Read Monica Burns' post for more information.

Upcoming Events


April 25- HMS Student Council Meeting

April 26- 27- Algebra I EOC, Jeremy's class will eat first lunch these days and will test in the computer lab. Maranda, Crystal or I will help to cover kids who test beyond the hour.

April 27- SOM assembly- we might need to make a change depending on testing

April 28- 7/8 Grade Track @Pacific


May 2- 8th- Grade Cardinal Game

May 3- 7/8 Grade Track @ Union

May 4- Special Olympics

Please park in the back of the building or as close to the bus barn end as possible on this day. High School students will be parking down here to free up spaces closer to the track. We anticipate a large crowd.

May 7-11- Teacher Appreciation Week

May 7- Band Concert

May 8- HMS Honor Society Induction

May 10- School Board Meeting, 6:00

May 11- 8th-Grade Barbeque and Promotion Ceremony Rehearsal

May 11- 8th-Grade Promotion Ceremony, 6:00 p.m.

May 15- 7th and 8th Grade Enrichment Fair, 5:00 p.m.

May 15- Choir Concert, 7:00 p.m.

May 16- Make-Up Day for weather

May 16- 6th Grade Awards, 8:15 a.m.

May 16- 5th Grade Awards, 9:15 a.m.

May 17- Make-Up Day for weather, Last Day of School for students

May 17- 7th and 8th Grade Awards

May 18- Last contracted day for teachers