Lancer Update 9.3.2021

From Mr. D

The (un) official start of fall

Well, it's almost here! I spoke to many of you and your children over the last few days; there are a lot of emotions, but overall, I can feel the sense of excitement. Next week is shaping up to be an amazing start to what I believe will look and feel as close to a "regular" school year as we've had in a long time. Wishing you a great long weekend! - Mr. D

Day 1 Done Right!

First-day jitters are normal, no matter what age your Lancer is. However, parents and guardians will not be allowed to walk students to their classrooms when you drop them off.

Please TRUST us. I have been doing this for over ten years, and as hard it seems, it's better to allow us to help your student to their classroom without a parent or caregiver. Even if there is a bit of apprehension, maybe even some tears, I can tell you without a doubt that it will be ok!

Masks are required indoors this school year just like last year. I'd like to ask that you begin your school year routines now; which includes mask-wearing and even picking out a favorite, comfy one for the first day of school.

Covid-19 Information for this Year

All COVID information can be found on the district website: Learning 2021 / Plan for 2021-22 School Year (

Save the dates!

9/8 - First Day of School; K-2

9/8 - UPK Orientation

9/24 - Picture Day & Peace Day

9/30 - Curriculum night 5:30 - 7:30