Vik Beach

Tristan Isfeld

Vik Beach Location

Iceland is considered to be located on the European continent and Vik Beach is located within the country of Iceland. It is located at latitude 63 degrees 25'N and 19 degrees 00'W.

Type of Beach

Vik beach is located closer to a plate boundary. It is a primary coast and and active coast. Its features were created from volcanic forces. It has been rising and for that reason it is emergent.

Beach Origin

The color of the beach is black. It is basalt rock that is extrusive igneous. The beach was created from basalt lava that covers most of the area

Beach Facts

This beach is famous for being one of the most famous beautiful black sand beaches. It is also known for its strong waves and mysterious weather that can be very foggy. They're mountains and rocks formed by volcanoes, with green lush land. The water is very strong with rip currents and unpredictable waves making it dangerous for people. Many people have died getting close and not being aware then being taken by cold strong water.