My favorite vacation

Caymen islands

Well it was all started at the airport we are we were going to get on my plane to the Cayman Islands. Got there very early in the morning with their bags packed ready to go. You got a quick bite to eat before our flight was called. It's only we hear our flight get cold we rushed towards the line and patiently waited. The line was moving slowly I just got more and more inpatient. Now we into the plane finally in the plane was very crowded we finally got into our seats and then I really didn't do anything exciting I just watched Netflix on my iPad. We finally landed and a very small airport surprisingly. I couldn't really see the beach at night time it was so dark it was about 9:30 PM. Yeah you're probably thinking that was a long flight and it was. We tried to avoid the hoarded people that were behind us we quickly grab our bags and try to get a taxi to take us to our hotel. We were waiting in the taxi while the taxi driver was driving to the hotel. We finally a ride with our bags we walked in and we were waiting for our key in the lobby and I am finally we got our key and then went straight to the elevator. We were waiting in the elevator very patiently we were very tired as well. We open the door it was a very nice room big big flatscreen TV a nice kitchen well we were too tired to notice how nice it was so we just plopped in our beds restlessly in slept . Then morning arrived we saw the big beautiful beach the water was clear like crystal blue diamond the sandwich looks soft as a pillow. I hate breakfast very quickly so I could head out to the beach. We walked out of the room and walk towards the beach I just laid under this Bigal umbrella and I was sipping on a nice virgin piña colada and it was paradise. That day went by very quickly and we ate lunch dinner and before you know it we were in our beds again. The second day was pretty much the same as yesterday we just chill on the beach I need a couple saying castles I Chyna chilling out in the water it was pretty sweet. Then it was day three we just chilled out in the hotel room then we got ready to go to a awesome party boat . We took a taxi that took us to the party boat. We walked on the party boat and it was amazing they had hot wings they had everything you could want from a boat. Once we sold out we got to see dolphins dive up-and-down in the waters and we saw the sun goes down, down, and down which was a pretty cool site to see. We ate dinner at the hotel. We were tired from a long day of fun in wages plopped in a bit since slept like rocks. Finally the last day was here we did everything that you could do on the island we went snorkeling we went to a resort and shield on the beach again. To finish off my awesome vacation like this we went to a nice restaurant boy was the food good it had fish and all of these kinds of foods it was just great. After that we just took a taxi back to our hotel and we watched a couple movies and then went to bed. We got up early and packed our bags and went to the small airport. Then we went home. I was Getting a little bit homesick so I was excited. That was my most favorite vacation ever

By Zach Ingebritson