Basic Login Info - Students

Example Formulas

Windows (Computer) Log-in

Username: alphakey###

Password: lunch#@hisd

Google Account

If a student has NEVER logged in before, their initial password will be "Hudson75904" (no quotation marks; everything inside them, with the "H" capitalized), as of the 2017-2018 school year. If the student enrolled prior to that, please contact the technology department (ext. 267) for help logging them in for the first time...


Password: lunch#@hisd

(This works for any/all Google apps/services, e.g. Chrome browser, Gmail, Drive, Classroom)

Noted Differences:

It is important to note that the Windows Login and the Google Login are fundamentally different in the case of students with shorter than typical names (given first names and/or surnames).

When the last name is fewer than 5 letters and/or the given first name is fewer than 3 letters (yes, this does happen once in awhile!) the Windows Login will need a space for every "missing" letter but Gmail cannot take empty spaces, so, in that case, just ignore the "missing" letters and just use whatever they do have with no spaces. THANKS!! Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion!