Hungary goes ProWein

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MasterClasses & Workshops

This year's largest international wine event, ProWein 2015 will host 14 MasterClasses and Workshops focused exclusively on Hungary - all taking place in Hall 13 F 79 in the Ungaricum Tasting Zone.

The tasting events will be facilitated in English / German by renowned industry professionals and experts specializing in Hungarian wine:

  • Caro Maurer, Master of Wine
  • Markus Berlinghof, Leader of German Sommelier National Team
  • István Szepsy Jr., Winemaker of Szepsy / Szent Tamás Winery
  • Yvonne Heistermann, Lecturer of German Wine and Sommelier School
  • Franz Weninger Jr., Winemaker of Weninger Organic Winery
  • Lotte Gabrovits, M.Sc., International Wine Marketing, MW Candidate
  • Beáta Keszler, Founder of Ungaricum, WSET Advanced

Come, see and taste how Hungary has turned its back on mass production, reached back to its traditions and restructured its wine-business to become a small but exciting home of boutique wine production. We should be back on your radar screen!
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All tasting events are free. Admittance requires registration and a valid ProWein 2015 pass.


The tasting events will address contemporary topics associated with:

  • indigenous Hungarian Furmint and Kékfrankos,
  • terroirs in Tokaj, Szekszárd, Eger, Sopron and Villány,
  • unique blends like Bikavér

We offer you a brand new tasting experience hosted in a comfortable, unique tasting zone that is equipped with the latest digital and cloud technology.

Event titles (for details please visit the Event Portal):

  • Autochthonous Hungary: Furmint, Kadarka, Kékfrankos
  • Organic across borders - Sopron & Burgenland
  • Szepsy / Szent Tamás: Mád meets Michelin!
  • Furmint for Freaks
  • Rosé'n'Roll
  • Taste of Tradition: Terroirs in Tokaj
  • Cabernet Franc: Character from Villány
  • Bikavér / Bull's Blood: Tradition revived
  • Regions, Varieties, Blends: Hungary
  • Kékfrankos meets Blaufränkisch
  • 3 Methods / 3 Styles: Aszú, Szamorodni, Late Harvest
  • Tokaj indigenous: Furmint, Hárslevelű, Yellow Muscat
  • Malatinszky Organic Wine Estate
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All tasting events are free. Admittance requires registration and a valid ProWein 2015 pass.


This year's selection of facilitators is a mix of top qualified industry experts, renowned winemakers and young professionals specialized in wine trade and marketing. What unites them is their passion for Hungarian wines.
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All tasting events are free. Admittance requires registration and a valid ProWein 2015 pass.

Ungaricum - Hall 13 F 79

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