Colonial games

By Charles JaDoul

Jump rope

We still have jump ropes right now. You just jump over the rope many times as you can while twirling it.


You just pick up the ball and the jack and do it over and over.

Question and answer

This game shows how smart you and your friends can be. You have to write a question on each card, then pass them out randomly and answer them.

Ring taw

Use your big shooter marble to knock out your friends marbles. You can keep the ones you just knock out.


We still have hopscotch right now. Hop one foot if there is one square and if there are two squares jump using two feets.


You can run fast and fly your kite as high in the sky as you can.

How Colonial Games are DIFFERENT than games we play today

These games show how kids learned skills that they need to play.

In colonial times they do not have electronics or anything else that we have. They just made these games to make kids have fun not to get bored.