Becoming a U.S. citizen

By: Giselle Garcia & Hailey Pena

General Eligiblity Requirements

  • Have to be at least 18 years of age to apply a file to n-400 application for naturalization
  • Have legally (with a green card) been in the U.S. for 5 years
  • Show continuous visits in the U.S. for 5 years before marking a date on your file
  • have proved that you have physically in the U.S. for the last 30 months or years
  • Show or prove you have to be a good moral character
  • Show an attachment of the princepler and words of the U.S. constitution
  • Have to be able to read,speak, and write basic english
  • Have to have some knowledge of the U.S. history and government
  • Take an oath of allegiance to the United States
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10 steps to Naturalization

  1. Be ready to be a U.S. citizen
  2. Eligibility to become a U.S. citizen
  3. Prepare N-400 application for Naturalization
  4. Submit N-400 application
  5. Go to biometrics appointment
  6. Complete the interview
  7. Receive your results for the USCIS
  8. Get a notice to take the allegiance
  9. Do the oath of allegiance
  10. Understand the citizenship of the U.S.
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